Travelex at Canberra International Airport (CBR)

Foreign Currency ATMs Available at Canberra International Airport

Travelex has convenient self-serve foreign currency ATMs located in the departures hall within Canberra airport.

Easily withdraw popular foreign currencies such as USD, NZD, JPY, IDR and more using any bank card.

We no longer have stores located at Canberra International Airport.
Travelex ATMs At Canberra International Airport (CBR)

* LocationsCurrency Available in ATM
ATM 7305, Left passed security, near City Hill CoffeeMYR, JPY, AUD, NZD
ATM 7089, Left passed security, near City Hill CoffeeAUD, IDR, THB, USD
ATM 7068, Terminal Circuit, Arrivals Ground Floor, next to Information centreAUD

How does it work?

How does it work?

  1. Find a Travelex ATM in a convenient location that holds your needed foreign currency.
  2. Arrive at the ATM and insert your bank card.
  3. Select a currency and check the exchange rate on the screen, along with the total amount you’ll receive (you’ll have the option to cancel your transaction at this step should you change your mind).
  4. Receive your currency and enjoy your trip!