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The Low Down on Brazilian Currency



Central Bank:

Central Bank of Brazil

Currency symbol:


Currency sub unit:

₢ (Centavo)



Bank notes:

R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100


5₢, 10₢, 25₢, 50₢, R$1

The Brazilian real is the official currency of Brazil and is abbreviated as BRL. One ‘real’ is made up of 100 centavos. The Brazilian real used today was introduced back in 1994; when introduced it was pegged against the US dollar at an exchange rate of 1:1. It uses a dollar-like symbol with the exception being that it has two vertical lines instead of one.

A bit of a difficult one to pronounce, it is actually pronounced "hey-al". The plural of the real is reais and is pronounced "hey-ice".

The most commonly used denominations are: R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50, R$100.

What to spend your real on:

  • *

    3 course meal for 2

    120 reais *

  • *

    Tourist t-shirt

    30 reais *

  • *

    1.5l Bottle of water

    3 reais

  • *

    Postcard and a stamp

    5 reais *

  • *

    One-way Ticket on Local Transport

    3.80 reais *

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Must-See Places in Brazil

  • Foz do Iguaca
  • You can't get to the Iguazu Falls, one of the world's most famous waterfalls on the border of Brazil and Argentina, without going through epic Foz do Iguaca.
  • Recife
  • It's the same old story in Recife: stunning beaches, historic sites and lots and lots of green. Known as the "Venice of Brazil," this city is on many tourists' hit list.
  • Parati
  • This beautiful former Portuguese colony sits on the Bay of Ilha Grande. Expect a paradise of lush tropical forests and emerald seas, butted up against mountains rising out from the coastline.

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Prefer to Buy in Store?

Prefer to Buy in Store?

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Travelling to Brazil in the Future?

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North Lakes - best service, best rates

I have always found the North Lakes Travelex to have the best rates and quality service.


Recommend buying online

Recommend buying online. The money is ready before you know it. Speedy and friendly service.

Maria Flora Dottore

Once again fast and great value…

Once again fast and great value exchange rate.

Gary Houghton

Foreign cash the easy way

Easy to purchase via the website, very easy pick up from the kiosk at Chadstone.

S Pittman

Excellent Service and exchange rate

Excellent Service and exchange rate

Robin Latchem

An easy seamless process.

An easy seamless process. After ordering online I walked in and picked up our cash for various countries. The service was excellent.

John Fowler


quick, easy and best value for Australian $. This is the second time have you Travelex and would not hesitate to use them again

Keith Malcolm Smith

Mostly it was good there were a few…

Mostly it was good there were a few issues that were quickly fixed, however I have one issue right now and they haven't responded to my email yet, I sent that email about one week ago, I'm about to send another. Admittedly the issue is on my end but I'd still appreciate actual help.

Elanor Kaye Gooding

Trouble free process

Trouble free process. Money came even quicker than they first said.

Peter Noel Rodgers

Very quick and friendly.

Very quick and friendly.

Diane Frances Romein

Amazing rates and great service

Amazing rates and great service, money was able to be collected two days prior than the date they said was earliest available

Eamon O'Byrne

Great service

Great service, location link in email sent me to the other end of George street near world square. Maybe this needs to be looked at.


Currently the Aust dollar to the US…

Currently the Aust dollar to the US dollar is poor, it's good to see the occasional 'extra' little bit form Travelex when making an exchange. The process is easy and collection of the currency is simply and fast.

Michael William Keegan

Trying to find the right outlet was…

Trying to find the right outlet was difficult

Brian Gieschen

Extremely efficient

Extremely efficient. Thank yoy

Aron Roy Scharfegger

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