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The Low Down on British Currency


pound sterling

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Bank of England

Currency symbol:

£ (pound)

Currency sub unit:

p (penny, pence)



Bank notes:

£5, £10, £20, £50


1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2

The British Pounds is the 4th most traded currency in the world. It was first circulated in it's current decimal form in 1968.

The most commonly used bills for British Pounds are the £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 notes. The most commonly used coins are the .01, .02, .05, .10, .20, .50, £1 and £2.

What to spend your pounds on:

  • *

    Entry to Westminster Abbey

    20 Pounds *

  • *

    Pint of beer

    4 Pounds *

  • *

    Fish and chips

    5 Pounds *

  • *

    Postcard and a stamp

    1.5 Pounds *

  • *

    3-mile taxi ride

    15 Pounds *

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Total spending money needed:

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Must-sees in England

  • Brighton
  • Just 90 minutes from London, Brighton is a great little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the capital. It's a great little day trip and the chalk cliffs are a great photo-op.
  • Cotswolds
  • The Cotswolds are an area of rolling hills and quaint villages tucked away in the middle of England that are great for exploring and are full of places quintessentially British.
  • Oxford
  • If you're feeling particularly erudite, Oxford is another great day trip from London where you can explore one of the oldest institutions of higher learning (and the setting for many scenes in the Harry Potter movies).

Buying British pounds online is easy

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Prefer to Buy in Store?

Prefer to Buy in Store?

If buying online is not your thing, visit your nearest Travelex store around and one of our friendly sales consultants will help you organise your British punds for your trip to the UK.

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Travelling to the UK in the Future?

Travelling to the UK in the Future?

Track Rates and get notified when the British pound matches your ideal rate so you can decide if it’s a good time to buy!

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Prompt service

Prompt service - the only issue I had was they delivered 2 days earlier than booked and it was only by luck that I was home. But it was that a big issue as it would have been left at the local Aust Post for collection.


very efficient and quick

very efficient and quick

Caterina Magni

I attended my order on line & found it easy to do. Im almost 60 so lots of ordering on line can be a bit tricky with limited IT experience but I found it very user friendly & no issue for me…

I attended my order on line & found it very easy. I went to collect my money at my nominated outlet and the lady was very friendly & helpful. I had a question and she could not answer it without making some inquiries but she texted me back within 20 minutes with the answer.

Gerry Hannan

Great online ordering with no issues

Great online ordering with no issues. Pick up locations are great. Exchange rate could be better but i guess everyone wants that.

Matthew Pearce


Excellent. Very easy to buy money and top up my card online, I always use Travelex and always happy with my service. I would recommend this company.



Excellent . Trustworthy. No hesitation in recommending your company to my fellow travelers

Lynette Elizabeth Smede

The service was easy to use and a great…BUT

The service was easy to use and a great way to get money in the country when only a bank is close by. The only negative was I had to choose a date for delivery, which wasn’t a problem because I organised to be home for it. BUT the delivery arrived 2 days earlier than requested, luckily my husband was home and able to show his identification to accept the cash. BUT it was my understanding that it had to be my identification for before the cash was handed over. In this instance it was perfectly OK, but in other circumstances the cash may not end up where it should. It is disappointing that the cash did not arrive when expected. BUT in saying that we would definitely use Travelex again as it made it easy for us to get our overseas currency without having to go to Brisbane or wait till we got to the airport.


Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable


Fantastic customer service and product.

Extremely helpful customer service both in store and using the website. Very happy with the product and can’t wait to use card again soon!

James Mccann

Efficient service and great rates

Efficient service and great rates

Vinicius Silva Oliveira

Money and Money and Salus

Professional, prompt and delivered on time.


Money arrived quickly and on time

Money arrived quickly and on time - only reservation ordered 200 USD and one note was a 100 dollar note which I would have expected in a large order not a smaller one

Gavin Bryant

Easy to use website and great service

Easy to use website and great service


The currency was available for pick up…

The currency was available for pick up on the stated date, but I had to ring Travelex for advice on completing part of their online form which was a bit frustrating.


Simple process online

Simple online ordering process. Picked it up from the post office nearby. All easy. I have previously picked up at the airport which is arguably even more convenient but I changed money for 7 people and needed to be sure there would be no issues. I wouldn’t have had any qualms if we were changing to US UK Euro but I was getting Norwegian and Danish currency. Rate acceptable. Not great but ok if changing small amounts under 10,000. If converting larger amounts there are better platforms such as I always use Travelex for travel cash. Many years ago I used the CBA but the rates offered were poor and the process was too difficult.


Travelex is rated 4 stars by Trustpilot based on over 7894 reviews

*Rates are subject to change throughout the day. In-store rates vary compared to online.

**The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.

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