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The Low Down on Hong Kong Currency


Hong Kong Dollar

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Currency symbol:

HK$ (dollar)

Currency sub unit:

¢ (cent)

Bank notes:

HK$10, HK$20, HK$50, HK$100, HK$500, HK$1000

Like a handful of other countries, Hong Kong’s official currency is the dollar. 1 HK dollar is divided into 100 cents, and uses the currency code ‘HKD’.

Under licence from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, three banks are licensed to issue banknotes within Hong Kong. These three institutions are able to issue banknotes for denominations of 20, 50, 100, 500 & 1,000 dollars; while 10 dollar banknotes, as well as all coins are issued only by the government of Hong Kong.

In 2016 the Hong Kong dollar was the thirteenth most-traded currency in the world. Outside of Hong Kong, The HK dollar is also widely-used in Macau, alongside the Macau pataca.

What to spend your Hong Kong dollars on:

  • *

    Entry to Toronto Skypod

    29 HKD *

  • *

    3-mile taxi ride

    8.75 HKD *

  • *

    Tourist t-shirt

    10 HKD *

  • *

    Postcard and a stamp

    3 HKD *

  • *

    Bottle of water

    1.50 HKD *

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Must-See Places in Hong Kong

  • Ngong Ping Village
  • A scenic ride up the mountains on the Ngong Ping cable car will take you straight to Ngong Ping Village. From the village, ascend the stairs to the majestic Tian Tian Buddah whose gaze settles over the glorious South China Sea.
  • Wan Chai District
  • One of the best ways to gauge Hong Kong’s history and cultural heritage is to wander through its Wan Chai District. A two-hour walking trail will take you past some of Hong Kong’s most iconic sites including the Blue House, Starstreet Precinct, and the bustling Wan Chai Market.
  • Kowloon
  • Kowloon is located in the northern part of Hong Kong and is a vibrant shopping, entertainment and arts district. Visit a mega mall on Nathan road, have a night cap in Tsim Sha Tsui East or haggle for a bargain at the Ladies Market.

Buying Hong Kong Dollars Online is Easy

Simply order your Hong Kong dollars online to lock in the rate, then choose to collect at your local store, at the airport before you fly, or get it delivered to your home!

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  • Get your currency home-delivered or choose to collect at more than 3,600 pick up locations.

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  • Simply pay using either your debit card (recommended) or credit card and you’re all set!

Travelling to Hong Kong in the Future?

Travelling to Hong Kong in the Future?

Track Rates and get notified when the Hong Kong dollar matches your ideal rate so you can decide if it’s a good time to buy!

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Prefer to Buy in Store?

Prefer to Buy in Store?

If buying online is not your thing, visit your nearest Travelex store around and one of our friendly sales consultants will help you organise your dollars for your trip to Hong Kong.

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How to Keep your Money Safe while Travelling

How to Keep your Money Safe while Travelling

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FAQ Relating to Hong Kong Currency

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  • Can you use Chinese Yuan in Hong Kong?

    Chinese renminbi/yuan are not typically accepted in Hong Kong. A small number of shops will display if they accept RMB, but you will typically receive change in Hong Kong dollars.

  • Can you use US dollars in Hong Kong?

    US dollars are not typically accepted in Hong Kong, however they are one of the most easily- exchanged currencies as the USD has been pegged to the HKD with a fixed exchange rate since 1983.

  • Do all bank notes appear the same in Hong Kong?

    No, the three commercial banks of Hong Kong all issue their own designs of the 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 dollar banknotes. Although different, the designs that each bank issues are similar to the designs of their particular denomination’s counterpart.

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Super easy online ordering

Super easy online ordering, awesome home delivery


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Painless easy experience

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So easy to do.

So easy and time saving. Staff very friendly at up pick up point.

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Thank you

Thank you - excellent service


Good rate and efficient service

Good rate and efficient service. Ordered online


Very happy with how it was all done

Very happy with how it was all done, my only quibble is the time to wait before being able to pick up the money from the P.O

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Travelex delivered excellent service to…

Travelex delivered excellent service to overcome a delay in my funds delivery.


Good service

1. We received the best rate of any provider online for the currencies we wanted. 2. Ordering process was easy and concise 3. Delivery was on time and accurate amounts of foreign cash presented in a good mixed range of notes.

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It was easy to navigate through your online facility. I opted to pick up my exchanged currency at a Travelex outlet located in a shopping centre close to my place. When I got there, the store agent was very courteous and helpful. He counted out new, fresh and undamaged bills for me - split up into convenient denominations - and placed them in a handy plastic wallet. Thank you, Travelex, for such excellent service! E. Wickett Perth

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post office lady was so helpful ,will…

post office lady was so helpful ,will always collect from this PO

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The transaction was handled smoothly…Easy Transaction.

The transaction was handled smoothly and was very easy for us as well as saving time, Cath.


Easy and straight forward transaction…

Easy and straight forward transaction using discount promotion. Not that it mattered in the end because I happened to be home, but the currency was delivered to my address two days earlier than I had requested in my order.


Up coming Vacation.

The service we received at Shellharbour Square booth was excellent,the operator help us to set up our travelex cards without any problem,exchange rate was good,bought all our money on line getting good rates.(Euro,Dirham and Pound).

Joseph Lorrie Zahra

A++ so easy and to organise

A++ so easy and to organise

Lisa T

Great service

Good Exchange rate. Great service, easy to use and the Money turned up at our PO with no hassle. They even supplied a great range of denominations. for each country. Will use this facility again

David Willshire

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