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The Low Down on Israeli Currency


Israeli new shekel

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Bank of Israel

Currency symbol:

Currency sub unit:

agora (agoras, agorot)

Bank notes:

₪20, ₪50, ₪100, ₪200


10 agorot, ₪½, ₪1, ₪2, ₪5, ₪10

The official currency in Israel is the new shekel - abbreviated to ILS - and is issued by the Bank of Israel. New shekel is divided into 100 agora.

The ‘new shekel’ is also referred to merely as the ‘shekel’, and was formerly known as the ‘new Israeli shekel’. The new shekel is also legal tender in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The term ‘shekel’ originates from an ancient biblical currency of the same name that was used in ancient Israel and related to the weight of certain grains or barley.

The most commonly used bills for the Israeli new shekel are the 20, 50, 100 and 200 notes.

What to spend your new shekel on**:

  • *

    Entry to Tel Aviv Museum of Art

    50 ILS *

  • *

    A cup of coffee

    12 ILS *

  • *

    3 course meal for 2

    210 ILS *

  • *

    Movie ticket

    40 ILS *

  • *

    A 1 km taxi ride

    4 ILS *

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Must-sees in Israel

  • Tel Aviv
  • Known as the ‘Manhattan of the Med’, Tel Aviv is vastly different to many other Israeli cities. Modern, hip and vibrant; this beachside city offers dazzling parties, bars and restaurants, Bauhaus architecture, as well as great parks and traditional hummus joints.
  • Jerusalem
  • Possibly the holiest city in Israel, Jerusalem is the home to significant spiritual sites for Christianity, Judaism and Islam. A charming and ancient old city surrounded by a grand wall and divided into four quarters.
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Known as the Kinneret by locals, the Sea of Galilee is Israel’s largest body of fresh water. The relaxing lake offers stunning views and an incredible history spanning back to biblical times; it is said that this is where Jesus supposedly walked on water.

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Travelling to Israel in the Future?

Travelling to Israel in the Future?

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Prefer to Buy in Store?

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FAQ Relating to Israeli Currency

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  • Can you use US dollars in Israel?

    US dollars are occasionally accepted at large hotel chains, restaurants or establishments; however you should not rely on US dollars while travelling in Israel.

  • What is the symbol for the Israeli new shekel?

    The new shekel currency symbol is ₪.

  • Are most major credit cards accepted in Israel?

    Yes, most major credit cards are widely accepted in Israel; however it is recommended you take some cash currency as smaller vendors will not likely accept cards.

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Super easy process.

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