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The Low Down on Kuwaiti Currency


Kuwaiti dinar

Currency code:


Currency symbol:

د.ك or KD

Central Bank:

Central Bank of Kuwait

Currency sub unit:


Currency sub unit symbol:


Bank notes:

1⁄4, ​1⁄2, 1, 5, 10, 20 dinars


1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 fils

The official currency in Kuwait is the dinar which is abbreviated to the currency code KWD. The dinar is subdivided into 1,000 fils and is the world’s highest valued currency (

The dinar was introduced in 1960 to replace the Gulf rupee, and initially it was equal to 1 pound sterling.

When Kuwait was invaded by Iraq in 1990, the Iraqi dinar replaced the Kuwaiti dinar; however following liberation the Kuwaiti dinar was reinstated in 1991.

Unlike many other Middle Eastern currencies, Kuwait has a coin worth 0.2 of a dinar rather than the typical 0.25.

What to spend your dinars on**:

  • *

    Local bottle of beer

    0.50 KWD *

  • *

    Cup of coffee

    1.50 KWD *

  • *

    3 course meal for two

    12 KWD *

  • *

    Entry to Kuwait Towers

    3 KWD *

  • *

    Fresh loaf of bread

    0.32 KWD *

How many Kuwaiti dinars will I need?**

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Total spending money needed:

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Must-sees in Kuwait

  • Kuwait City
  • Kuwait City is literally an oasis among the surrounding desert sands. This small beach-lined city - and the capital of its country - offers unique experiences aplenty. Stroll the souq, visit one of the many dazzling city mosques, dine on local cuisine or perch atop the famous Kuwait Towers.
  • Green Island
  • This artificial island is a tourist hot spot where you can enjoy a stroll in the manicured gardens, a swim in the lagoon or a cycle around the perimeter. With a 700-seat amphitheatre, there are often concerts to enjoy as you relax on this tranquil island in Kuwait’s capital.
  • Failaka Island
  • Once an outpost of Alexander the Great’s army, this ancient island boasts Mesopotamian era ruins along with a 1950’s Heritage Village of traditional houses to explore. Stay a while and meet the camels and Arabian horses that also inhabit this historic island.

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FAQ Relating to Kuwait Currency

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  • What is the symbol for the KWD?

    The symbol for the Kuwaiti dinar is د.ك or KD

  • What are the most commonly-used coins for the Kuwaiti dinar?

    The most commonly used coins in Kuwait are the 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 fils.

  • Who issues the Kuwaiti dinar?

    The Central Bank of Kuwait issues the Kuwaiti dinar.

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