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The Low Down on Polish Currency



Currency code:


Central Bank:

Narodowy Bank Polski

Currency symbol:

Currency sub unit:

1/100 Groschen

Bank notes:

10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500zł


1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50gr, 1zł, 2zł, 5zł

The Polish Zloty (AKA Zlotych) is the official currency of Poland. Established in 1994, Zloty is the masculine form of the Polish Adjective ‘golden’. The currency is made up of a 100 units of oschen (or osz), similar to the Aussie system of dollars and cents.

Poland is known for each medieval architecture, Jewish heritage and the famous Kielbasa sausage. It’s capital city is Warsaw, rich in culture, history, abundant shopping and a vibrant nightlife. One of its prime historical tourist attractions would be the Warsaw Uprising Museum which honors the city’s resistance in the WWII era. Whether you are a history buff or a foodie, there is something for you in Poland.

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What to spend your Polish zloty on:

  • *


    7.80 PLN *

  • *

    1 km taxi ride

    2.40 PLN *

  • *

    3 course meal for 2

    100 PLN *

  • *

    Average meal cost

    20 PLN *

  • *

    Bottle of water

    3 PLN *

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Must-sees in Poland

  • Warsaw
  • The capital city of Poland. Warsaw is filled with various eras of architecture due to its long and turbulent history. The city has buildings ranging from Gothic churches and neoclassical palaces, to Soviet-era structures and modern high-rises.
  • Krakow
  • Known for its well preserved medieval architecture and Jewish quarter. The large medieval Town Square lies in the heart of the city dating back to the 13th century.
  • Zakopane
  • Get away from the urban metropolitan and visit the natural beauty Poland can offer. A small resort town in Southern Poland at the base of the Tatras Mountains.

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Travelling to Poland in the Future?

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FAQ Relating to Polish Currency

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  • Are Euros accepted in Poland?

    Euros are not accepted throughout Poland. Although Poland is an EU member, they are not a part of the Eurozone which requires the use of Euro as the primary currency.

  • Can you use Credit Cards in Poland?

    You may find that credit cards are accepted in Poland similarly to how you can use a credit card in Australia. Credit card transaction processes may take longer than a few seconds or even up to a minute, so if you wish to avoid a queue forming behind you, it is wise to withdraw local tender for convenience.

    Assume that in some places in Poland there may be a cash-only policy in operation, or a minimum spend when paying by credit card. If you are planning for a specific type of trip and don’t want to get caught out where money is concerned, it can be wise to buy Polish Zloty and keep some cash on you when you travel to avoid any disappointment.

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Quick and easy


All good,free post and on time,cannot…

All good,free post and on time,cannot ask for more....


I have used Travelex many time for my…

I have used Travelex many time for my overseas currency. There has never been a problem and most time the exchange rate is if not the best then equal to any other currency exchange sites.

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Online purchase

The customer service staff were excellent! The only confusing part was the ordering online as it wasn't clear you needed to go back and pay rather than at the same time as ordering the money.


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Fantastic service, website is great and very user friendly.


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Excellent online ordering process, so easy to follow. My first time ordering foreign cash online, loved there were no fees, a great rate. Delivery/pickup was as promised, on the date requested and available when I called to pick up. Definitely recommend and will be using again when required.

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Best rate you can find

Best rate you can find. Especially if you get a promo code.


Buying online foreign currency now…

Buying online foreign currency now easier with post offices as pickup points. In store rates are lower than online buying which is disadvantage to foreign tourists but good for local buyers. Rates are still not competitive to international markets for some currencies.


Quick delivery to the local Post…

Quick delivery to the local Post Office. Easy to pick up.

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Great service

Great service, easy to use

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Fantastic service

Fantastic service - easy and money pick up perfect


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I always use Travelex for my foreign currency. The online service is fantastic, saves a lot of time running around and is very trustworthly.


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great rates. easy processing and ordering. Plenty of locations to pickup from.

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such an easy process

such an easy process and after checking alot of sites, found this the cheaper


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