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The Low Down on Saudi Arabia Currency



Currency code:


Central Bank:

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Currency symbol:

SR or ر.س

Bank notes:

5, 10, 50, 100, 500 riyals


1, 5, 10, 25, 50 halalas, 1 riyal, 2 riyals

The official currency in Saudi Arabia is the riyal which is abbreviated to SAR. 1 Riyal is divided into 100 halalas.

The riyal has been the currency in Saudi Arabia since it came into being in 1902 and was the currency of Hejaz before Saudi Arabia was formed.

Originally a coin-based currency, the Saudi Arabian monetary agency began issuing banknotes in 1961 for denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 riyals.

In 1983 the 500 riyal banknote was introduced, and in 2000 banknotes were issued as a celebration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s centenary.

Learn more about the AUD to SAR Exchange Rate and its economical influences.

What to spend your Saudi Arabia riyals on:

  • *


    10.5 SAR *

  • *

    1 km taxi ride

    5 SAR *

  • *

    Movie ticket

    65 SAR *

  • *

    One-way Taif cable car trip

    30 SAR *

  • *

    Loaf of bread

    2.3 SAR *

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Must-sees in Saudi Arabia

  • Najran
  • Situated on the Yemeni border, the city of Najran is a colourful smorgasbord of architecture, history and culture. Offering unforgettable sites and experiences, this is a top tourist spot for even the most experienced traveller.
farasan island
  • Farasan Islands
  • A favourite diving destination; the Farasan Islands are a tranquil paradise of private beaches and turquoise waters. In addition to numerous historical sites, the Farasan islands are home to various species of birds, mangroves and a special species of gazelle that is only found here.
  • Taif
  • The mountain city of Taif is accessible by a scenic cable car and is famous for its roses and rosewater. Taif is an excellent area for trekking and mountain climbing among its blooming spring scenery and majestic peaks.

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Travelling to Saudi Arabia in the Future?

Travelling to Saudi Arabia in the Future?

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Prefer to Buy in Store?

Prefer to Buy in Store?

If buying online is not your thing, visit your nearest Travelex store around and one of our friendly sales consultants will help you organise your riyals for your trip to Saudi Arabia.

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How to Keep your Money Safe while Travelling

How to Keep your Money Safe while Travelling

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FAQ Relating to Saudi Arabian Currency

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  • What is the currency symbol in Saudi Arabia?

    The Saudi riyal is often represented either as ‘SR’ or the symbol ر.س

  • Is the riyal pegged to any other currencies?

    Yes, the SAR is pegged to the USD at a rate of 1 USD to 3.75 SAR. These currencies were officially pegged in June 1986.

  • What credit cards are accepted in Saudi Arabia?

    The most commonly-accepted credit cards are Visa™ and MasterCard™ in Saudi Arabia. Discover and American Express are also accepted at certain establishments.

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Quick & easy to order & collect

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