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What to spend your krona on

  • One-day travel card in Stockholm

    115 SEK

  • A traditional Swedish breakfast (crisp breads, yoghurts and hard cheeses)

    130 SEK

  • Entrance fee to the Royal Palace

    150 SEK

  • A 10km taxi ride in Stockholm

    240 SEK

  • Sea kayaking in the Southern Goteborg Archipelago

    950 SEK

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Must-sees in Sweden

  • Stockholm
  • As the ‘Venice of the North’, Stockholm is perfectly picturesque. The old town, ‘Gamla stan’, is a beautiful example of medieval architecture, and the Djurgarden is tranquil all year round.
  • Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg is a picturesque part of Sweden, with the stunning Botanical Gardens as well as the archipelago to explore - take the ferry over to Branno Island for stunning beaches and sunsets.
  • Malmo
  • This city in the South of Sweden (twice the host of the Eurovision Song Contest) boasts a beautiful public library, the Malmo Stadsbibliotek, as well as the picturesque Kungsparken.

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Customs of the krona

The krona has been Sweden’s currency for nearly 150 years. Each krona consists of 100 öre, however there are no longer any coins or notes in any denominations of öre – the smallest value you will find in legal tender is 1 krona.

Tipping in restaurants is not as expected in Sweden as it is in other European countries, so don’t worry about leaving a tip unless your service was exceptional, in which case 5-10% is customary. In bars and taxis, the typical approach is one of ‘keep the change’.

Frequently used banknotes

The five main banknotes are for 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 krona bills. The people portrayed on the 2015 versions of the bills include Greta Garbo (100), Ingmar Bergman (200) and Birgit Nilsson (500).

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*The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.

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