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The Low Down on the Thai Currency


Thai baht

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Bank of Thailand

Currency symbol:

฿ (baht)

Bank notes:

฿20, ฿50, ฿100, ฿500, ฿1000

The Thai baht has been the official currency of Thailand since 1897, although it is thought to have been in circulation since as early as the 1400s. The currency originated as a unit of weight of corresponding value and coins were originally denominated by weight.

When you first arrive, make sure you have some 5 and 10 baht coins to hand so you can get the best price possible for your taxi – if they see that you don’t have anything smaller than a 50 baht note, they may try to charge you more.

Tipping isn’t really expected in Thailand, except for the service charge you often find in restaurants and hotels. In that instance, you are safe rounding up to the nearest 20 baht.

Baht is among the ten most used currencies in the world, and each single baht consists of 100 satang, though most Thai sellers don’t tend to trade in satang.

What to spend your baht on:

  • *

    A bottle of water

    9.6 THB *

  • *

    One-day adult pass on the Bangkok metro

    120 THB *

  • *

    An elephant ride in the Khao Yai National Park

    3400 THB *

  • *

    A bottle of local beer

    100 THB *

  • *

    A scuba-diving course in Bangkok

    5500 THB *

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Must-sees in Thailand

  • Bangkok
  • Home to gleaming temples and bustling streets lined with authentic street food stalls and tuk-tuks zipping through the crowds, there’s little wonder that Bangkok is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.
  • Chiang Mai
  • Escape the crowds and enjoy the laidback lifestyle of Chiang Mai. Home to impressive sprawling landscapes and a rich historic quarter, there’s plenty of sightseeing to do.
  • Kho Tao
  • This small island is easy to get to and well worth the visit for the white sandy beaches and jungle hiking trails. There’s a thriving nightlife here too, making it the perfect spot to unwind with a cocktail.

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