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The Low Down on Turkish Currency


Turkish lira

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Currency symbol:

₺ (lira)

Currency sub unit:

kr (kuruş)

Bank notes:

₺5, ₺10, ₺20, ₺50, ₺100, ₺200


1kr, 5kr, 10kr, 25kr, 50kr, ₺1

The lira has been in circulation in various forms since the Ottoman Empire. First, known as the Ottoman lira, lasted for just under 80 years before being replaced by the first Turkish lira, which was introduced in 1923.

Following a redenomination in 2005, the second Turkish lira was brought into circulation in 2005.

New Turkish lira banknotes are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 lira. Coins in circulation include 5kr, 10kr, 25kr, 50kr and 1lira.

What to spend your Lira on:

  • *

    One-way ticket on the Ankara metro

    1.75 TRY *

  • *

    A soft drink in a restaurant

    2.5 TRY *

  • *

    A lunchtime meal in Istanbul

    23 TRY *

  • *

    Taxi from Ankara Esenboga
    Airport to Ankara city centre

    63 TRY *

  • *

    Trip along the Dalyan River
    and Turtle Beach

    69 TRY *

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Must-sees in Turkey

  • Istanbul
  • A combination of empires that once ruled the area, from Ottoman to Byzantine and everything in between has resulted in Turkey’s largest city evolving into an eclectic mix of culture, architecture, sights and experiences.
  • Antalya
  • A part of Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region, Antalya has become synonymous with relaxed, beach holidays. Yachts moor off shore, lazy days melt into to festive nights and the area remains rich with historical sites and museums.
  • Ankara
  • Turkey’s capital, Ankara is a cosmopolitan city full of heritage sites and history to explore. Explore old castles and ruins from eras gone by, empires that have shaped this city’s rich history.

Buying Turkish Lira online is easy

Order Turkish Lira online, lock in the rate and collect at your local store, at the airport before you fly or have it delivered at home

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Travelling to Turkey in the Future?

Travelling to Turkey in the Future?

Track Rates and get notified when the Turkish lyra matches your ideal rate so you can decide if it’s a good time to buy!

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Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide

Before you head off, check out our Turkey Travel Guide which includes some not-to-miss highlights when you visit Turkey!


Prefer to Buy in Store?

Prefer to Buy in Store?

If buying online is not your thing, visit your nearest Travelex store around and one of our friendly sales consultants will help you organise your liras for your trip to Turkey.

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Everything went very smoothly except…

Everything went very smoothly except website login would not accept my postcode (4213) Had to search for address and then it was accepted even though same postcode

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Good rate and smooth efficient process…

Good rate and smooth efficient process from online ordering through to pickup.

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Great service. Would be good to get a choice of the denominations of the currency.

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Easy transaction l. Good customer service.

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Very happy with the service and the availability of the currency we required Also the communications from the person attending the office

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Thanks very friendly staff at the Maroochydore KIOSK

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Quick, easy on time. Will use again.

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The process was too easy

The process was too easy - great service thanks!!


I use this online service each time I…

I use this online service each time I travel and have had great service much quicker and more efficient.

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Used this service before.A+++++

Used this service before.A+++++

Kathleen lucas

Super easy to order over internet

Super easy to order over internet. Better rate than Australia Post


Everything went well

Everything went well. Order was lodged on line, a couple of emails followed indicating when the cash could be collected from the Perth airport. I turned up with the appropriate paperwork and the girl behind the counter pleasantly assisted me. She checked my documentation, credit card and handed over the cash in a complimentary 'purse'. Smooth and professional throughout. Thank you.

Coral Mary Pepper

Great Service

Thank you for taking away from me a small Amount of running around - love that this was delivered to me personally. Thank you

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Very good service.

Very good service.


I was able to get currencies from several countries.

I was able to get currencies from several countries that l am about to visit. It was very easy to purchase online through Bpay with no charges. I was notified within a few days that the money was ready to be collected. Very happy with their service.

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