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  • Smart gambling on the dollar slots in Vegas

    1 USD

  • A cab from Grand Central Station to the Empire State Building

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  • Catch an LA Lakers game (for as little as)

    35 USD

  • Watch an IMAX showing at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd

    19 USD

  • Sip fresh coffee at Central Park

    4 USD

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Must-sees in the United States

New York
  • New York
  • This bustling metropolis is full of great landmarks. The Empire State Building, Broadway theatre district and Madison Square Garden are just three of them, begging to be explored!
New Orleans
  • New Orleans
  • A vibrant clash of American, Caribbean and French influences, New Orleans is especially known for its live blues and jazz music.
  • Miami
  • Miami features a unique blend of Hispanic and American culture that you won’t find anywhere else. Take it all in while you walk the famous South Beach.

Trust in Travelex

Travelex offers a fantastic service already. The online service is the best, and this was also the case with the pickup in store. Great service TravelexSurveyMonkey customer review.

Easy online purchase of foreign currency and pick up facility.SurveyMonkey customer review

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More bang for your buck

The US dollar is one of the most dominant reserve currencies in the world and is also the main tender for several other countries or regions outside the United States, including the Caribbean, Ecuador and El Salvador.

Don’t be surprised to hear dollars being referred to as ‘bucks’ when you are out and about, this is a commonly used nickname! You may also hear 5 cent coins referred to as a ‘nickel’, a 10 cent coin as a ‘dime’ and a 25 cent coin as a ‘quarter’.

Tipping is standard practice across America and you will be expected to pay up to 15% on top of your meal – or even 20% for upmarket restaurants. Thankfully, portion sizes tend to be very generous indeed, so you’re unlikely to feel short-changed!

Frequently used banknotes

The US dollar comes in seven different denominations – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills. As coins are nowhere near as common as they are in the UK, it is wise to try and organise your bills in order of value to save you scrambling around for the right cash.

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**The figures provided are indicative only and are there to provide an idea of the amount of travel money you may need during your trip.

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Very easy system safe and best price

Very easy system safe and best price

Sam ansari

The whole process was simple and fast.

The whole process was simple and fast.

John David Hunt

Easy Peasy....convenient!

Love the fact I can order foreign cash with Travelex on line to pick up locally. It’s always in quickly and pick up costs nothing, no fees! Have used several times, so easy!


Mostly smooth but Post Office still …

Mostly smooth but Post Office still slow and "clunky" too many signitures. Need to be able to have more choice with denominations

Gary John Goodship


Easy, efficient and secure. The rate seemed appropriate for us.

Ken McSweyn

New fee

Annoying that they introduced a $10 pickup fee at Australia Post.


Great service

Great service, competative rates and picked up the cash from my local post office. Too easy thanks.

Andrew John Sutton

Excellent service easy pickup from …

Excellent service easy pickup from local Post Office

Paul Webster


Very easy to place an order and exchange rates were better than those offered by the bank. i was able to collect the cash from my local post office which was also very convenient.

Colin Tindale

Good exchange rate and pickup at local …

Good exchange rate and pickup at local PO went without a hitch.

Philip Carter

A good way to purchase currency without …

A good way to purchase currency without waiting at a bank. The rates are so - so but that's expected with currency sellers. Easy pick up at Post Office with ID, look out for online promo vouchers when purchasing for discount.

Nick Ellis

Easy to deal witb

Easy to deal witb. Great service.

Brian Patrick Mounsey

It would be better if I could nominate …

It would be better if I could nominate the broard category of notes "large denomination ($100,$50), mixed or small".

Ian K

Quick easy process of ordering and safe …

Quick easy process of ordering and safe delivery of money

Cathryn Anne Keogh

Simple process

Simple process, no hassle but a bit of a wait for delivery to the local Post Office


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