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Money Transfer to the Philippines

Get safe, secure and fast money transfers to the Philippines with Travelex and our partner OFX

Australian citizens and residents send billions of dollars to different countries every year, with just over $1 billion USD in money transfers being sent to Philippines, making it the 5th largest payment receiver globally. 1 At Travelex, we are focused on providing customer satisfaction, low fees and competitive AUD to NZD exchange rates.

Transferring funds couldn’t be easier with our partnered platform with OFX and our 24/7 customer service support. Get safe and money transfer to Philippines with Travelex today through our trusted and highly secure global network.

How to Transfer Money from Australia to the Philippines?

Wondering how you can efficiently transfer money from Australia (AUD) to Philippines (PHP), in a secure-yet-swift manner?

Our international money transfer facility is not only an effective and safe platform for delivering currency internationally - but also treats users to exchange rates which even top the big banks!

International money transfers are completed to most countries between 1-2 business days.

Follow these simple steps to transfer your money from Australia to the Philippines:

How to Transfer Money from Australia to the Philippines?

Log-In/Create an account

to your account via the login portal
Or create a free account with our partner OFX.


Confirm the recipient’s details

Confirm the recipient’s full name, SWIFT code (or IFSC in India) and their bank account number.


Get your live quote

You will be sent a live, total sum quote.
Proceed with the transaction
Or wait until the rate improves to complete your transfer.


Lock-In your transaction details

Confirm the exchange rate and finalise the transaction:
amount, currency, the recipient’s bank account details


Transfer your funds and complete

Finalise the transaction and transfer your funds via BPay or electronic bank transfer.

What Information do you Need to Make a Money Transfer?

Transferring money from Australia to Philippines is fast and secure when you use a trusted global currency transfer service. To transfer funds safely and securely to the Philippines, it is important to gather all the required information to avoid any potential delays, and to ensure a hassle-free transfer.

Travelex offers multiple ways to transfer funds between global currencies including the Travelex Money Card and Money Transfer Service.

  • Travelex Money Card is designed to assist people who are directly travelling to the Philippines in-person
  • Travelex’s Money Transfer Service enables people in Australia to securely send funds to people in Philippines

Why Send Money from Australia to the Philippines?

People send money from Australia to the Philippines for many different reasons. Whether you’re looking at transferring money for business purposes in the Philippines or sending money to friends and family, Travelex can ensure that your international money transfer is safe and secure.

Sending Money to Friends and Family in the Philippines

If you’re looking to send money as payment or as a financial gift to friends and family in the Philippines, Travelex’s International Money Transfer can help ensure that they receive their funds safe and securely. Our partnered platform provides speed and security during the money transfer, while ensuring you receive the most competitive PHP exchange rate, with low and transparent fees.

Sending Money to the Philippines for Business Purposes

Travelex’s International Money Transfer presents Australian businesses with a convenient financial solution for transferring business funds over to the Philippines. When you use Travelex, you will get a fast and efficient business funds transfers for all types of international business-to-business and commercial transactions. Our partnered platform will keep you informed during all stages of the transfer and ensure that you receive the most competitive PHP exchange rate and 24/7 customer service support.

Benefits of using Travelex & our partner OFX

At Travelex, we always try to provide the most competitive AUD to PHP currency exchange rates for Australian customers that are looking at transferring Philippines Peso.

Highly Competitive and Locked-in Exchange Rate Quotes

The Travelex AUD to PHP currency converter ensures that you receive an accurate and competitive foreign exchange rate. Travelex’s live exchange rate quotation also provides you with the option to lock-in an alternative exchange rate for a later time.

Simple and User-friendly Money Transfer Platform

The Travelex’s International Money Transfer platform provides a simple interface during your money transfer, allowing you to track and complete your international transaction with ease.

24/7 Travelex Customer Support

Travelex is here to lend an extra helping hand to anyone that may require assistance completing their money transfer. If you require any further assistance is with our International Money Transfer, our experience support staff are ready to help 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Travelex’s Compatibility with Philippines Banks

Travelex’s partnered platform provides greater security and transparency when transferring money from Australia to banks in the Philippines. We support money transfer to most banks in the Philippines including:

  • BDO Unibank
  • Metrobank
  • Land Bank of the Philippines
  • Bank Negara Indonesia
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands,
  • ChinaBank
  • CitiBank

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money?

At Travelex, we’re here to ensure that your funds arrive at their destination securely and with ease. The moment your transfer funds are received, our trusted partnered system will begin processing the transfer. Travelex offers fast and secure money transfer solutions, so that the recipient will receive the funds in a timely manner of 1-2 business days. You can keep track of your transferred funds’ processing stages with our partnered iOS and Android app.

How Much Money can be Transferred to the Philippines?

Travelex International Money Transfer service has a minimum transfer amount of $250 AUD, with no limit or restrictions applied for money transfers to the Philippines.

Is Money Transferred from Australia to the Philippines Taxable?

Once you choose Travelex to transfer funds from Australia to the Philippines, the funds will not be subject to being taxable by Travelex. However, it is important to understand the tax regulations in the Philippines when transferring money from Australia.

Payment and gift transfers’ tax regulations have been recently tightened by the Philippines government4. Recipients that receive financial gifts in the Philippines via international money transfer are taxed if the amount crosses a certain threshold. Financial gifts over $4,795 USD is now subject to 6% taxation. The recipient is responsible for filing the BIR form 1800, to declare the money transfer for taxation purposes, regardless whether they reside in the Philippines or not.

Financial gift transfers to relatives and friends are taxed at the same rate. However, certain types of financial gift transfers are exempt from taxation, including transfers charities in the Philippines. It is important to remember to file for tax on money transfers in the Philippines, as a failure to file taxation forms can result in a 50% tax penalty.

Filipino residents that are sending money to the Philippines for business or investment purposes, may be taxed if it's considered to be taxable income5. Any money you earn from a business or investment is taxed regardless of which country it originates from. In this situation, tax regulations are dependent on the source of the money and whether it is deemed as ‘income’. To find more information, visit the Bureau of International Revenue tax information page.6

Still have questions? Please contact the customer support team to put your questions to ease by calling us.

Travelex Disclaimer

This article is general advice. It does not consider your own personal circumstances and may not be applicable to advice and consider your own situation before acting on anything contained in our article.

The Travelex International Money Transfer service and support are provided by our partner OFX.com.


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