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Money Transfer to the UK

Get safe, secure and fast money transfers to the UK with Travelex and our partner OFX

According to the World Bank more than $1.1 Billion was sent from Australia to UK in 2018, making the UK Australia’s forth highest money transfer receiver. Get safe, secure and fast money transfers to UK with Travelex and our partners OFX. You can transfer money 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

Money transfers from Australia to UK through Travelex’s trusted and highly secure website cater to every foreign currency exchange request. Travelex drives superb customer value by offering highly competitive AUD to GBP exchange rates.

Transferring money couldn’t be easier with our mobile friendly user interface and our support team are comprehensively trained to guide you through the process.

Join many customers worldwide and trust us to complete your money transfer.

How To Transfer Money From Australia To UK

Wondering how you can efficiently transfer money from Australia (AUD) to UK (GBP), in a secure-yet-swift manner?

Our international money transfer facility is not only an effective and safe platform for delivering currency internationally - but also treats users to exchange rates which even top the big banks!

Follow these simple steps to transfer your money from Australia to UK:

How To Transfer Money From Australia To UK

Log-In/Create an account

to your account via the login portal
Or create a free account with our partner OFX.


Confirm the recipient’s details

Confirm the recipient’s full name, SWIFT code (or IFSC in India) and their bank account number.


Get your live quote

You will be sent a live, total sum quote.
Proceed with the transaction
Or, complete later with a better-suited exchange rate.


Lock-In your transaction details

Confirm the exchange rate and finalise the transaction:
amount, currency, the recipient’s bank account details


Transfer your funds and complete

Finalise the transaction and transfer your funds via BPay or electronic bank transfer.

Options for Transferring Money from Australia to UK

Whether you’re seeking to invest in UK property, or simply sending funds for your family/friends abroad - the Travelex team ensures that your international money transfer is safely and successfully delivered.

Whatever the reasons for your money transfer to the UK may be, Travelex is here to see that it gets safely delivered.

Personal spending when travelling to Great Britain

Planning a trip to the UK from Australia? Perhaps you are heading home to get married? Travelex has all your money transfer needs covered.

If looking to make payments to UK vendors/businesses such as wedding planners, Travelex’s International Money Transfer will ensure that you get a competitive exchange rate.

If you’re looking to spend away when in the UK, the Travelex Money Card is very convenient. Our card has our lowest rates, no ATM withdrawal fees and is accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Business Money Transfers from Australia to UK

You may need to make an international money transfer as part of your business.

Whether you are purchasing goods and services for your business overseas or paying royalties and wages, our International Money Transfer presents Australian-based domestic businesses with a range of financial solutions for sending funds over to the UK.

The mobile friendly platform provides you with the option to leverage competitive AUD-to-GBR currency exchange rates through Travelex. These include international business to business transactions and commercial transactions.

Our partner is focused on speed and security. Transfer speed is very important as it helps to protects you and your customers and / or suppliers from exchange rate fluctuations

Benefits of using Travelex and our partner

Together, we strive to get you a great AUD-to-GBR currency exchange rate for Australian customers looking to buy the British Pound

Highly competitive, top-tier exchange rates quoted live by Travelex

The Travelex AUD-To-GBP currency converter ensures that you receive an accurate foreign exchange rate. Travelex’s live exchange rate quotation also provides you with the handy option to lock-in an alternative exchange rate at a later time for your transfer if needed.

To keep access to competitive currency exchange rates at hand, download the Travelex Money app.

Simple, user-friendly international money transfer from Australia to UK

The easy-to-use Travelex International Money Transfer facility excels through a simplistic interface and well documented money transfer process. Designed to complete your international transaction experience with efficiency.

The unparalleled Travelex customer service touch

Travelex is here to lend you an extra helping hand for anyone that may require assistance completing their transfer securely.

If you need further assistance with our International Money Transfer facility, the experienced support staff [6] are at the ready 24/7 in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, NZ, HK & Singapore

Wide-spread array in compatibility with Great Britain’s banks

International money can be transferred from Australia to a wide assortment of banking institutions based in the UK.

These serviceable banks include yet aren’t limited to:

  • Barclays
  • HSBC
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • National Westminster Bank
  • Standard Chartered plc
  • Santander UK
  • Standard Life
  • Investec
  • Clydesdale and Yorkshire Ban

So, if you’re seeking an efficient way to send money to the UK, look no further because Travelex has you covered.

How long does it take to transfer money to UK?

Whatever the reason you wish to transfer money from Australia to UK, we’re here to ensure your funds reach their destination with ease.

The moment your transferable funds are received, the partner system will process the amount momentarily.

Travelex offers you an efficient money transfer solution, so your funds are with the recipient in a timely manner of 3-5 business days. You can then keep a track of your transferred amount’s processing stages with the Apple or Android app.

How much money can be transferred to UK?

The Travelex International Money Transfer poses no restrictions on any transactable amount of over $250 that you may wish to send to UK.

Is money transferred overseas to UK taxable?

Once you opt to transfer funds from Australia to UK - the funds will not be subject to being additionally taxable by Travelex.

It is crucial to consider the various tax regulations that may potentially come into play when transferring money from Australia to UK. When researching tax implications, it’s important to know: The nature of the utilisation of the funds, and expenditure/transfer reasons for the finances.

  • How the money is going to be used and the end means of the deliverable finances
  • The total sum/amount of money you are sending
  • If the funds are income
  • Previous tax paid on the funds
  • Your citizenship status

The UK requires payment of tax on anything that is classified as foreign income. For example, wages or rental income on foreign investments. There are exemptions depending on if you are classified as a UK tax resident. To find out more information please visit the UK governments tax information pages7.

Still have questions? Please contact the customer support team to put your questions to ease by calling us.


This article is general advice. It does not consider your own personal circumstances and may not be applicable to you. You should obtain professional advice and consider your own situation before acting on anything contained in our article.

The Travelex International Money Transfer service and support are provided by our partner OFX.com.


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