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Australian Dollar to Israeli New Shekel Exchange Rate

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The lowdown on the Israeli new shekel

Economical Influences on the Israeli New Shekel

If you are considering converting AUD to ILS, it’s good to get a snapshot of how the economy may influence the Israeli shekel.

Israel is a free market economy, exporting large amounts of cut diamonds, pharmaceuticals and advanced technological equipment.1

Israel imports many commodities and thus often operates at a trade deficit that is offset mostly by its service and tourism industries.1

Between the years of 2004 and 2013, Israel’s economy grew an average of 5% per year before slowing to around 2.8% - mostly attributed to its uncertain security.1

Israeli New Shekel Historical Exchange Rate

Since March of 2003, the Israeli new shekel gained more than 44% in value against the US dollar.2

Closer to home, the last 5 years has seen the AUD to ILS exchange rate fluctuate from a high of approximately 3.37 Israeli new shekel on 7 September 2014, to approximately 2.55 ILS to 1 AUD on 10 September 2018.3

In July 2015, 1 AUD was worth around 2.795983 ILS (3) and similarly, a year later in July 2016 that figure fluctuated to around 2.93863 ILS.3

As of October 25 2018, 1 Australian dollar would buy you approximately 2.60 Israeli new shekel.3

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