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The lowdown on the Mauritian rupee

Economical Influences on the Mauritian Rupee

If you are considering converting AUD to MUR, it’s good to get a snapshot of how the economy may influence the Mauritian rupee.

Since achieving independence in 1968, Mauritius has managed to transform from a small agricultural-based economy to a diversified upper middle-income economy.1

With growing industrial, financial and tourism sectors, Mauritius has achieved steady growth over the past decades resulting in increased longevity, more streamlined income distribution and improved infrastructure.1

Mauritius relies heavily on its exports for economic growth; however appreciation of the Mauritian rupee often negatively affects the export industry due to competition with cheaper markets.2

Mauritian Rupee Historical Exchange Rate

Due to Mauritius’ steadily- growing economy, fluctuation of the rupee has been minimal during the past five years.1

In September 2014 1 Australian dollar would have bought you around 29.68086 MUR; by December that same year, this had dropped to approximately 25.51804 MUR.3

The MUR remained stable over the following year trading at 24.47342 per Australian dollar in September 2015 and 24.72876 in January 2016.3)

Small fluctuations meant that by March 2017 1 AUD would buy you just over 27 MUR.3

Following this generally positive trajectory, in September 2018 the AUD was trading at around 24.48348 MUR and as of 1 October 2018 the AUD is trading at 25.09853 MUR.3

Learn more about the Mauritian rupee before you travel to the Mauritius and create a currency rate alert and we’ll let you know when the rupee hits your ideal rate!

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