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The lowdown on the Polish Zloty

Economical Influences and the Polish Zloty

If you are considering converting AUD to PLN, it’s good to get a snapshot of how the economy influences the Poland exchange rate.

Poland has been part of the European Union since 2004 but did not adopt the currency system of the EU. Although Poland is likely to adopt the Euro in the future, and discussions have commenced, there is currently no set date for when this transition will happen. Public opinion based on 2016 data from the European Commission found that the majority of Polish citizens are against the adoption of the Euro; with only 31% of those surveyed saying adoption of the euro would have a “positive effect on the country.1

Much of the debate around whether the Euro should be adopted may be due to the volatility of the euro exchange rate and political uncertainty in recent times.

The economy of Poland is the World’s 8th largest economy in the European Union and the only country in the EU to avoid the impacts of the 2007-2008 economic recessions.2

Polish Zloty Historical Exchange Rate

Polish Zloty exchange rates can be influenced by numerous factors such as world events and the economy.

The lowest rate was 1 Australian Dollar for 2.6054 Polish Zloty on the 20th April 2018. The value of the AUD against the Polish Zloty surged shortly afterwards reaching the highest peak for the aud to pln exchange rate in 2018 was 1 Australian dollar for 2.8112 Polish Zloty on the 30th May 2018. This exchange rate has stayed relatively stable between the lower end on these two ranges.3

Learn more about the Polish Zloty before you travel to Poland and set up a currency rate alert so we can notify you when it hits the rate you want.

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