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The lowdown on the New Taiwan Dollar

Economical Influences and the New Taiwan Dollar

If you are considering converting AUD to TWD, it’s good to get a snapshot on how the economy may influence the Taiwanese exchange rate.

The Taiwanese dollar is thought to be one of the most stable currencies in Asia. Taiwan has a capitalist economy driven largely by industrial manufacturing and exports. This heavy reliance on exports means that the economy is prone to fluctuation as global demand changes. The country runs a trade surplus with other international economies, including China and the US and its foreign reserves are the fifth largest in the world.1

In 2012 the Taiwan Central Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with China on cross-Strait currency settlement, closely linking the two nations economically.1

New Taiwan Dollar Historical Exchange Rate

The New Taiwan dollar has performed steadily over the past three years as Taiwanese trade deals, exports and relations with China have improved.2

Back in April 2014, 1 Australian dollar was converting to 28.27356 New Taiwan dollars; whereas a year later in April 2015 that figure had moved to 1 AUD to 23.63699 TWD.2

During the past two years the AUD to TWD exchange rate has experienced frequent fluctuations ranging from a high of 1 AUD to 24.3249 TWD on the 8th November 2016, to a low of 1 AUD to 22.21764 TWD on the 9th May 2018.2

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2. XE - Based on mid-market rates as of 22nd August 2018.

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