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Travelex Rate Advantage

Exchange Back Guarantee On Foreign Currency

Get our special rate of the day when you sell your leftover foreign currency back to us

It’s not always easy to work out how much money you’ll need when you go away. With Travelex Rate Advantage, you can exchange your foreign currency back at our special rate of the day when you return.1That way you won't lose out on the value of your currency if you take more cash than you use.

Plus, as if giving you an extra special rate wasn't enough, you'll pay absolutely no commission on your return foreign currency transaction when you redeem the Travelex Rate Advantage.2

How does Travelex Rate Advantage work?

Adding the Travelex Rate Advantage to your order in store when you buy your travel money is simple and can save you hassle as well as money. Leaving you free from worrying about taking too much currency with you, because anything you might have left is already taken care of. Adding it is really simple:

1. On orders of $100 or more, add the Travelex Rate Advantage to your order for just AUD$10,

2. When you get back from your travels, we’ll change your foreign currency – up to the amount you bought from us in the first place, at our special rate.3 Remember, there’s absolutely no commission to pay. That could mean big savings to welcome you back at the end of your trip.

How does Travelex Rate Advantage work?

Travelex Rate Advantage benefits

Our Travelex Rate Advantage means that you can take as much currency as you like on your trip, without the worry of losing out on your dollars when you get back. And, by exchanging all of your money in one transaction before you leave, you’re likely to save money on the potential fees and charges from converting more money abroad.

Peace of mind – Take enough cash with you to cover your whole trip abroad.

Quick and simple – Just tick the box to add it onto your order at the time of purchasing (in store only).

Saves you money – Save money when compared with exchanging back without the Travelex Rate Advantage.

Frequently asked questions about the Travelex Rate Advantage

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  • How do you get the Travelex Rate Advantage?

    Ask to add the Travelex Rate Advantage for AUD$10 at the time that you order your foreign currency in store – as long as you’re exchanging AUD$100 or more.

  • How do you change your money back with Travelex Rate Advantage?

    All you need to do is pop in to one of our Travelex stores with your Travelex Rate Advantage receipt, your passport and your leftover foreign bank notes. Then we’ll buy your currency from you at our special rate, commission-free.

  • How long is the Travelex Rate Advantage valid for?

    You’ll get the Travelex Rate Advantage when you sell your currency back to us within 180 days of when you first exchanged your money.

  • Do you exchange foreign coins?

    We don’t usually take coins, but some stores may be happy to exchange £1, £2, €1 and €2 coins. It’s best to check with your nearest Travelex store directly.

1 For details on how this rate is calculated refer to the Travelex Rate Advantage Terms and Conditions.

2 Travelex Rate Advantage can only be purchased in store in conjunction with a foreign currency transaction with a value of AUD$100 or more (or foreign currency equivalent).

3 Amount exchanged on return foreign currency transaction cannot be greater than the amount of the initial foreign currency transaction.