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Travellers Cheques

Everything you need to know about travellers cheques and their alternatives.

Along with foreign banknotes and our pre-paid Travel Money Card, American Express® Travellers Cheques are a tried and trusted way to take your money overseas.

Here is the lowdown on how they work.

They’re easy to use

Just sign your Travellers Cheques when you get them and make a note of the serial numbers in case they get lost or stolen. To use a Travellers Cheque, all you need to do is sign it in front of the person you’re paying.

They’re safe

American Express Travellers Cheques can be replaced almost anywhere in the world – usually within 24 hours.

They’re accepted worldwide

You can use American Express Travellers Cheques at thousands of locations all over the world – like shops, restaurants, hotels, banks and currency exchanges – either as payment or in exchange for local currency. They're available in euros, pounds or US dollars.

They don’t expire

American Express Travellers Cheques don’t have an expiration date, so you can save them for your next trip. Just remember to sign your cheques when you get them so you're protected if they get lost or stolen.

So why aren’t people using Travellers Cheques as much anymore?

Credit cards, debit cards, travel money cards and ATMs have become much easier to use when travelling overseas. Exchange rates aren’t always as good for Travellers Cheques as they are for other ways of spending either. This has meant that less people feel they need to use Travellers Cheques, so they’re less widely accepted than they used to be too.

Most people see cards as the most convenient way to travel with their money, but using your credit or debit card overseas can attract poor exchanges rates from banks, conversion fees and other ATM withdrawal fees. And you can’t keep your holiday spending separate from your everyday bank account that way either.

So what’s the alternative?

Travelex offers several options, see below:

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