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Travel money in Kotara

Order your travel money online to get great rates. Then pick it up from our store in Kotara ahead of your next trip.

Money exchange with Travelex in Kotara

Wherever you’re travelling to, you can save time and money with our click and collect service. Order online to get our best rates and then pick up your currency from our store in Kotara, Newcastle. We’re conveniently located in Westfield shopping centre.  

If you’re already in Kotara, Westfield, you can also buy travel money directly from our store. Either way, you’ll be ready for your next trip abroad. 

Buy your currency now

Foreign currency at Kotara in three easy steps:

Just tell us how much you need and where you’re going

Using either your debit card or credit card.

Bring your order number and payment card when you collect your currency at the airport.

Our opening hours for our Kotara store

You can see opening and closing times for our Kotara   below. Or use our store finder  to look for your nearest store.

Choose from our location at Kotara

Kotara - Kotara NSW
Cnr Park Ave & Northcott Drive
Kotara, NSW, 2289
Phone: 02-4957-5078

What currencies do we provide?

From US dollars to Euros we have over 45 currencies available for you to order online and collect at our Kotara stores. See all of the currencies we offer online here.

Get your currency as cash or on a prepaid card


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Cash Passport
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Travellers Like You Love Using Travelex


Travelex offers a fantastic service already. The online service is the best, and this was also the case with the pickup in store. Great service Travelex.

- SurveyMonkey customer review


Easy online purchase of foreign currency and pick up facility.

- SurveyMonkey customer review


The process was simple and the customer service received was excellent as well.

- SurveyMonkey customer review

Travelex is rated 4 stars by Trustpilot based on 1367 reviews.


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  • What currencies can you provide?

    You can order over 45 currencies to pick up at our store in Kotara. See a list of the currencies we can provide.

  • How can I get my currency from your store in Kotara?

    There are two main ways you can get currency from Travelex at Kotara: ordering it online or buying it directly from our store. Both options are convenient, but if you order online , you’ll get our best rate.

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Read your reviews on trustpilot

Very good service

Very good service. It would be nice if it was possible to buy amounts of money smaller than $500 for short trips.

Janis Everts

This was such an easy way to arrange …

This was such an easy way to arrange travel dollars and at a great rate 👏

Leanne McNamara

Best rate I could find.

Best rate I could find.

Sherryl Marie Whyatt

The whole transfer experience was so …

The whole transfer experience was so easy. I would highly recommend Travelex.

raeleigh coleman

Easy and quick

Easy and quick. Free pick up from your local post office for any exchange over $1000. No drama!


Travelex was very easy to deal with

Travelex was very easy to deal with. I ordered my US money online and it was available to pick up from my local Post Office. The exchange rate was very good and it was very convenient to collect locally. I would definitely use them again.

Jean Day

Great rates and free delivery!

I had a very good experience using Travelex and thought that the free delivery of my currency to my house was an excellent service. Plus, due to the large amount that I converted, I got the best rate possible so I will definitely use them again in the future!


I would highly recommend Travelex.

I would highly recommend Travelex.. no hassle and great rates.

Rebecca Lee Crisp

Travelex has been great for ordering my US Dollars currency for my holiday.

Travelex has been great for ordering my US$ foreign currency. The conversion rate is good and I don't pay any commission if I convert a minimum of $1000. The online form-filling process is user-friendly, and I am able to collect my cash at my local post office. I was also happy that the $US currency is in new bills. I cannot nominate the breakdown, but they give a good assortment of different denomination notes. I ended up finding the whole process easier than previously withdrawing cash from my bank and going to an American Express money exchange. I can do my withdrawal and payment all online. Very happy.

Patricia Jarzynski

The online transaction was …

The online transaction was straightforward. The new home delivery service is a great idea for those who don't regularly go to town. I will definitely be using their services again.

Sarah Divine

Fantastic experience & very fast …

Fantastic experience & very fast turnaround

Leigh James Wilson

Service was good

Service was good. Strange that the money arrived in a Startrack satchel that clearly says on the outside "Warning: This satchel is NOT for shipment of dangerous goods or valuables". I had the equivalent of over 1000AUD in it. Is that not valuable enough??? Also, it's better to not change ALL your cash into foreign currency as I found many local money changers offering somewhat better exchange rates than Travelex.


Everything went well when I placed the …

Everything went well when I placed the order for my Travelex Card and some New Zealand Cash. I called into your Warringah Mall store to collect the cash and the Travelex Card, the staff at the store were helpful and courteous. I returned home to register the card, the registration of the card was simple and straight forward. After registering the card I then attempted to Top Up the funds on my newly registered Travelex Card. The next hour and a half was a nightmare. The first half a dozen times I tried to Top Up the card your system demonstrated the funds we wanted to invest in Aus $ and the corresponding amount in NZ $. We then moved to the next step "How do you want to pay" we clicked BPay and at that point in time your system failed to recognise the card that we had successfully registered. I then rang your help desk and spoke to numerous people and was on the phone (Mobile) for over 1 hour. One of your technical representatives was able to reproduce the error problem. I was passed around to a few different people but nobody could understand why it was happening. While I was talking to your help desk people, an hour had passed. While I was waiting on the phone my wife and I continued to try to get the system to accept our Bpay request. Your help staff were still unsure what was happening. Then all of a sudden the system accepted our Bpay request and the transaction was completed without a problem. We have now made addition Top Up transactions without any problems. When we finally completed the first Top Up transaction I was still on the phone to your help desk. The help desk staff said the transaction failure was related to the website. They thought the website must have been having difficulties. The problems we experienced is the reason that you only received a 4 star rating, instead of a 5 star rating. I am heading to New Zealand Saturday 27th January and I am hoping I have no trouble with my Travelex Card & transactions. I must add your help desk staff were very polite and seemingly did everything the could to rectify the problem. I also have to admit I was becoming more frustrated as I waited on the outer end of the phone. Kind Regards Michael Horne

Michael Anthony Horne

No hassle foreX

No hassle foreX Decent rates

Euan Macpherson

Travelex were very efficient and we …

Travelex were very efficient and we received our currency well before what was quoted. The cashier was very friendly and chatted with about our trip. Full marks. John & Debra.

John Lambie

Travelex is rated 4 stars by Trustpilot based on over 3967 reviews