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How to honeymoon in style

Everything you need to know to plan the most special holiday of your lives.

Travel in wedded bliss

The sooner you can begin to plan your honeymoon, the more time you have to make it exactly how you've always imagined it – and we’re here to help you out!

Here we share our favourite handy hints and tips that'll soon see you on your way to the perfect honeymoon.

Travel in wedded bliss

Plan a budget

Before you start to plan anything, it’s handy to have a budget in your mind that you’re willing to spend on your honeymoon, even if you’re a little flexible. It also helps to know how much time you’ve got to spend since the more time off you have, the greater the flexibility with where you can go and what you can do.

Choose the ultimate wedding gift

If you’d rather go on the trip of a lifetime than get any wedding gifts, why not think about using a honeymoon registry? This means that guests can help contribute to your holiday instead of buying you a gift, and it may mean that you’ll be that much closer to affording your dream destination.

Consider getting help from a travel expert

If you need a little helping hand, or if you want to sit back and let someone else organise everything for you, think about using a travel expert to do all of the hard work for you. You’ll find plenty of different places to try, such as Trailfinders, Hitched and Black Tomato, all of which offer tailor-made honeymoon packages that will fit your needs perfectly.

Keep things flexible

Sometimes the spontaneous days turn out to be the best ones! If you want to add a little bit of mystery to your trip, keep some of your holiday days unplanned and give yourself the chance to truly relax and do whatever you feel like doing that day.

Keep it unique

When it comes to the classic honeymoon, destinations such as the Maldives or the Caribbean instantly spring to mind. However, if you’re more of a rainforest trekker than a sun worshipper, there’s no need to conform. After all, your honeymoon should be a true reflection of the things you enjoy doing together.

Choose the right time

Although it’s traditional to leave for your honeymoon right after your wedding, it might not actually be the idea that works best for you. Why not consider leaving a few days after your wedding? Or even a couple of months later? This’ll give you time to kick back and relax after your big day, without worrying about having to rush to the airport. Also, you’ll get to stretch out the excitement for a little longer!

Get organised in advance

Get organised in advance

By having everything booked and paid for in advance, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your holiday!

You can even organise and pay for your travel money in advance and pick up the cash before you jet off, or if you prefer, you can keep it safe on our Travelex Money Card. All you need to do is load up your card with your chosen currency and spend away!