Indonesia Travel Guide

If you’re planning a trip to see the wonders of Indonesia, our Travelex Travel Guide is packed with everything you need to know.

Discover Indonesia

As the largest country in Southeast Asia, made up of an archipelago of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia has an endless number of enticing spots to explore.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer, an enthusiast of ancient culture, a lover of nightlife, or a leisure seeker, Indonesia has the perfect experience for you.

Top Places to Visit in Indonesia



The capital city is a sprawling metropolis home to over a whopping 10 million people! The entire city is studded with culinary delights, exquisite shopping malls and rich history creating a stunning contrast between modern skyrises and cultural heritage.



Unlike Jakarta, the island of Borneo provides a tranquil backdrop for you to reconnect with nature. Home to a diverse array of wildlife from rare birds to unique plants, this tropical destination is best-known for its endangered orangutans - one of the only places on Earth where these “people of the forest” still thrive.



Sumatra is an adventure lover’s dream. From hiking to the summit of active volcanoes, swimming beneath cascading waterfalls, or trekking through the Sumatran tropical rainforest, you’ll never find yourself bored on this rugged island.



The most alluring island in Indonesia, fondly nicknamed “Island of the Gods”, it's no wonder Australians love flocking to this destination. With a thriving culture, beautiful beaches, lush rice paddies, bustling nightlife, and thousands of Hindu temples, you’ll be spoilt for choice on your trip to Bali.



An increasingly popular alternative to Bali is the island of Lombok. Along with its offshore Gili Islands, Lombok is surrounded by crystal-blue waters which wash onto white-sand beaches. This slice of paradise boasts surfing hotspots, volcano-topped jungles and epic beach parties to keep you entertained long after the sun sets.

West Papua

West Papua

This extraordinary destination will live in your memory forever thanks to its warm turquoise seas, emerald green rainforests and diverse marine life. West Papua is home to Raja Ampat, an enticing group of islands loved by peace-seekers and explorers alike. For avid snorkelers and scuba divers, Raja Ampat cannot be missed!

Getting Around Indonesia

By Water

With over 17,000 islands to visit, water transportation within the archipelago is of utmost importance. You’ll find hundreds of ports across the country and several ferry services offering transportation between the main islands.

By Train

Trains in Indonesia are a cheap and ideal way to get around. Train tracks span across Java - linking all the main cities - and selected provinces in Sumatra. You can buy tickets online as far as 90 days in advance or from a ticket terminal at Indomaret convenience stores.

By Air

There are five main airports located in Banten, East Java, Bali, South Sulawesi and North Sumatra. From any of these airports you can catch connecting flights to secondary cities and islands across the archipelago.

Things to do in Indonesia

Indonesian volcano

Hike up an active volcano

You don’t have to search very hard to find a volcano in Indonesia, with 147 calling the archipelago home. For adventure lovers, hiking active volcanoes is a popular activity, especially at dawn when the sun rises just as you hit the summit. Mount Batur sunrise trekking is extremely popular among Bali tourists. While you will need to set an early alarm, as it takes about 2-3 hours to reach the top, catching the sunrise at the summit is well worth the early start.

Find zen in Indonesia

Find your zen

Indonesia is renowned for its unique wellness destinations offering healing experiences for the mind, body, and soul. As seen in Eat, Pray, Love, Ubud is the spiritual and artistic centre of Bali with riverside yoga, tailored massages and wholesome cuisine.

Monkey forest indonesia

Meet the monkeys

Aside from the orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia has endless opportunities for you to see wild monkeys in their natural habitat. You can observe their cheeky antics and even take a selfie - just remember to avoid eye contact and stay alert.

Indonesian culture

Immerse yourself in the culture

Indonesia has a rich history and culture with endless sites to explore and learn more. We recommend visiting Borobudur Temple in Java - the world’s largest Buddhist structure. The nine-tiered temple near Yogyakarta is World Heritage listed and not only features intricate hand-carved designs but also serves as an education hub.

Under the sea in indonesia

Go under the sea

As an epicentre of biodiversity, Indonesia has several scuba diving hotspots for you to explore. Interestingly, Indonesia is part of the Coral Triangle, an area in the Western Pacific Ocean that plays home to over 80% of the world’s coral species.

Unwind in Indonesia on a beach

Unwind on white-sand beaches

If your idea of a holiday is more relaxation and less exploration, the many islands of Indonesia have you covered. Picture your next vacation: swimming in crystal blue waters, drying off on white-sand beaches, and relaxing under a line of palm trees before capping off the night with a delectable dinner in a laid-back atmosphere. Pure bliss.

Travelex Top Travel Tips

Do I need a visa for Indonesia?

Yes, you will need a visa to enter Indonesia. If you are an Australian passport holder or are from one of the other countries on the Visa On Arrival (VOA) list, you can either obtain a VOA at the airport or apply online for an e-VOA before arriving in Indonesia. It costs approximately $50 AUD and is valid for 30 days – with the option to extend once for an additional 30 days. You can apply for your e-VOA 14 days in advance and at least 48 hours prior to departure.

If you hold a passport for one of the nine countries on the Visa Exemption Agreement (VEA) list, then you do not need a visa to enter Indonesia.

When is the best time to visit Indonesia?

The tropical climate means Indonesia only experiences two seasons - dry (generally April to October) and rainy (November to March). However, the temperature remains fairly consistent, averaging 28°C along the coast and 26°C in the inland and mountainous regions.

What is the main language in Indonesia?

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia and is widely spoken and used in print across the country. Dialects may also differ depending on where you are visiting. Although English is not widely spoken, you will find that small levels of English can be understood in the main cities and in popular tourist destinations.

What is the time zone in Indonesia?

Due to its large size, Indonesia is split into three different time zones. Indonesia Western Standard Time (WIB) is GMT+7, Indonesia Central Standard Time (WITA) is GMT+8, and Indonesia Eastern Standard Time (WIT) is GMT+9 - only one hour behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

What is the currency of Indonesia?

The official currency of Indonesia is Rupiah (IDR). You can order IDR from Travelex with ease, before you travel to Indonesia, leaving you with one less thing to worry about! Organise your foreign cash with Travelex online and collect at your nearest Travelex store or at your local Australia Post office.

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