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9 surprising things about backpacking

Backpacking your way around the world can be one of the best things you’ll ever do. Read on for 9 surprising things about backpacking!

The world is your oyster

Having nothing but a bag and your return flight to Australia means the world is your oyster. Go wherever you please and let spontaneity take you to new and exciting places. Party in Amsterdam, eat chocolate in Belgium and sail around Croatia.

Never backpacked before? Read on below for some surprising things about backpacking.

1. You won’t feel lonely for long

Travel the world alone with a backpack and a smile and you’ll be surprised at how little you’re left alone with your own thoughts. There's always someone who wants to chat, to ask you where you’re from or even invite you for a drink.

2. Not all hostels are weird or down dark alleyways

Yes, you can get uncomfortable beds and annoying dorm buddies. But for every hit and miss, there is a real win. And trust us, there are some really cool places to stay while backpacking in this world - even on a shoestring! In Germany, you can stay in a hostel inside Burg Stahleck castle - a real castle!

3. You can book a room for one in a hostel

If you don’t fancy a room with 13 other travellers snoring loudly, then you can absolutely book yourself a cheaper than chips (kind of) priced single room. You’ll even get your own bathroom, so you’ll get some much-needed personal space.

4. Never underestimate how useful hostels can be

Your hostel is a great starting point for your trip, offering everything from common areas perfect for meeting new people to free breakfast everyday. The staff are also on hand to help you out with insider knowledge and there are often free events and activities like community dinners, city walks and organised tours.

5. You’ll make friends for life

Travel, especially backpacking, is a great way to meet people. While you won’t be able to duck down the road to have a cup of tea with people you meet on your travels, you will be able to crash on their couch when you go to visit them on the other side of the world.

6. You’ll need more money than you think

The main piece advice here is that you’ll generally always need more cash than you think. Things you just cannot plan for tend to crop up while backpacking. Planning ahead means the difference between having money to have a beer with a new acquaintance and having to spend the last leg of your trip pinching pennies can really make or break your time away.

7. You’ll have ‘that moment when’ moments that'll make it all worth it

You’ll be hit several times while backpacking with some ‘that moment when’ moments which make it all so worth it: that moment when you see the sun rise in India, that moment when you finish the Great Highland Way, that moment when you’re slurping spaghetti in a small restaurant in Rome or wolfing down a spice laden tagine in Morocco.

These moments are sure to override any down moments you have out on the road. It all just fades away into happiness.

8. You’ll be glad you chose flexible travel money cards

When you arrive into a new country on a 3am flight, tired and grumpy, you’ll be glad you chose a Travelex Money Card. You’ll be able to grab that midnight meal, get some cash out for a cab to drive you to your next bed without the having to find a bureau de change to get some foreign currency from.

9. There’s no place like home

The world is an amazing place, but for many Australians, it’s not until you leave that you begin to appreciate the things that we all take for granted. That's a gift all in itself!

Heading off on your own backpacking adventure?

Heading off on your own backpacking adventure?

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