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April festivals around the world

Celebrate the arrival of the new season with a few of these quirky festivals from around the globe.

Although we're coming into autumn here in Oz, around the word spring is well and truly in the air. Here we take a look at a few of the world’s most exciting and enticing celebrations of the new season.

Songkran festival - Thailand

Songkran festival - Thailand

13th April

If you’re a lover of water fights and good old fashioned fun, you’ll love Songkran! A three day festival to celebrate the Thai new year, this time was traditionally about cleaning out and starting the new year afresh.

These days, barrels of water line the streets and everyone is armed with water balloons and water guns to playfully attack with! Whether you’re a friend or stranger, there’s no escape from the water wars on the streets of Thailand!

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Coachella, USA

Coachella, USA

15th - 24th April

Gaining popularity every year and becoming something of a 'must-do' for music fans, Coachella is a the first major music event in the world's calendar and ushers in the festival season. Peppered with palm trees, sunshine and the world's coolest bands, Coachella is fast becoming a must-do of the music world.

If you like your music festivals with clear skies and hippie vibes, head to Coachella this April.

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Cherry blossom season - Japan

Cherry blossom season - Japan

Across April

The arrival of the cherry blossoms (sakura) in Japan is symbolic of the new season and a new lease of life. No one quite knows when those pesky blossoms will decide to appear, but when they do, Japanese friends and families gather under the beautiful trees (hanimi) and celebrate with picnics and barbecues galore.

It’s a community event with friends and strangers alike sharing food, fun and festivities!

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BaliSprit festival, Indonesia

BaliSprit festival, Indonesia

29th March - 3rd April

If you're looking for the ultimate in relaxing time to yourself, look no further than BaliSpirit. A health and wellness festival designed to truly pamper both body and mind, BaliSprit offers everything from yoga classes to nutrition workshops, dance shoes to circus tricks.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Indonesia, head to BaliSpirit and you'll never feel more refreshed or reenergised.

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