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30 ways to save money when travelling overseas

We know that travelling can be expensive, so we’re here with some top tips to help you save money on your next trip.

Our top 30 tips to saving money when you travel

Before you plan your next holiday, take a look at our handy guide with 30 ways to save money when you travel overseas.

1. Subscribe to flight comparison websites for notifications on flight sales.

2. Track flight prices with a comparison flight sites such as Skyscanner and Webjet.

3. Consider well-known and reputable international budget airlines for lower priced flights.

4. Be as flexible with flights as your schedule allows. Mid-week and Saturday night travel can save money.

5. Borrow, don’t buy. Friends or family are often more than happy to loan luggage, travel adapters or even winter coats needed for your trip. So you can have a new wardrobe without the expense!

6. Take an empty water bottle through airport security to save money on buying water at the airport.

7. Purchase lollies and magazines at your local grocery store before boarding the plane.

8. Download travel reading into your tablet or Kindle before you leave.

9. Pre-book airport transfers and train travel, especially if travelling around the UK, as you can save up to 10% when pre-booking.

10. If applicable, take advantage of any senior or concession discounts available in many locations around the world.

11. Travelling to London? It is often worth seeing if there are Oyster cards a friend or family member could pass on. With an estimated £34 million pounds of unclaimed money on dormant Oyster cards, the chances a few quid being leftover on a card given to you is high.

12. Unlock your smart phone and use a local SIM to save money on international roaming charges.

13. If you are away from Australia for a while, look into the savings paying out your mobile phone plan could offer in the long term. The same goes for gym memberships as well.

14. Turn off mobile data and use Wi-Fi to stay in touch back home with apps such as WhatsApp and Viber. You can send snaps of your adventure when connected to Wi-Fi at your hostel, hotel or Airbnb accommodation.

15. Make a list of 'must dos' while travelling. Having this list keeps you focused and committed to saving money. That second glass of champagne on the Eiffel Tower could potentially be funded with the money saved using some of our tips above.

16. Use your social media networks and tweet your availability for housesitting when you’re travelling to save money on accommodation.

17. If you’re off on an extended trip think about renting out your house on a short-term lease while you’re away.

18. Look into becoming an Airbnb host and ask a trusted friend if they could be the touch point for any guests who stay.

19. Use travel apps like Citymapper to calculate the fastest and cheapest way to get from A to B.

20. Get organised with your cash while travelling. Use our Travelex Money Card to help you budget your spending and organise cash before you depart so you’ve got some money available as soon as you step off the plane.

21. Get off the beaten track to taste food and experience culture that gives you more for your buck.

22. Book tours, trips and experiences you want to do before you leave to take advantage of any pre-booking discounts.

23. Go on a walking tour, they’re inexpensive and a fabulous way of seeing the sights.

24. Talk to people you meet along the way - sometimes finding a cheap but great restaurant while travelling means making a new friend. Use a language app such as Duolingo to help you with language barriers along the way.

25. Having travel insurance is highly advisable. It will save you money and give you peace of mind, which is priceless.

26. Explore on foot and let yourself get lost, wandering chic streets or walking along stretches of sand.

27. The sweetest things in life don’t have to cost you a fortune, take the time to do the small things like eating gelato at midnight in Rome, exploring colourful Moroccan markets or splashing in a waterfall in Vanuatu.

28. Research accommodation with your own cooking facilities because it can save money on eating out.

29. If you are backpacking and staying in hostels, take a travel towel and a padlock and key, so you don’t have to pay out to hire them. Travel towels dry quickly and the locks keep your bags safe while you’re out and about.

30. Don’t forget any foreign currency left on your Cash Passport on your return can be exchanged into Australian dollars too.

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