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Calculating travel times

Just how long will it be from closing your front door to stepping into the arrivals hall? Here’s everything you need to know to work out your travel time.

What’s your travel time?

What’s your travel time?

After all that pre-holiday excitement, sometimes the actual journey can have you checking your watch every five minutes and your kids asking ‘are we nearly there yet?’ on repeat. That’s why it’s good to know exactly how long it’ll take, so you can sit back, start that crossword puzzle and try to make the most of it.

Here are the main things that’ll make a difference to your travel time...

1. Travelling within Australia

If you don’t live near the airport your international flight departs from, your journey can start way before you step on the plane. Try a map provider for driving directions and how long it should take to get to the airport if you don’t get stuck in traffic. If your local airport doesn’t fly where you want to go, you might need to catch a domestic flight first. You can compare flight prices and routes on flight aggregators.

2. Time difference

Ever get really confused by the departure and arrival times on your airline ticket? That’ll be the time difference. Rather than tie your brain in knots trying to work out what it means in terms of flight time, just use this handy time zone converter app to help you work it out.

3. Stopovers

Maybe you feel like stopping off in Hong Kong on the way to London, or in Los Angeles en route to New York – stopovers can add a whole new dimension to your holiday. They’ll add time to your journey too, but plan it right and it will definitely be time well spent.

Helpful travel time calculators

Time and Date is a really useful website to help you figure out your total travelling time. You can add up to eight transfers to your journey, and it also gives you the local times, time zones and a map of your journey. The time zone converter’s an essential tool too.

Travelmath works out your flight time for you, and driving times too if you’re planning to use a car while you’re away. There’s also a time zone calculator, so you can check what time it is anywhere in the world – great if you’re planning to call home while you’re overseas!