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Your Guide to Last Minute Travel

Everything you need to know to pull off a last-minute trip without a hitch.

Need to jet off on a last-minute trip?

Whether you’re heading off on a spontaneous vacay or need to make an emergency trip at the last minute, it can seem like a nightmare trying to get everything sorted in time. Here we share our top tips on sorting your travel at the last minute.

Need to jet off on a last-minute trip?

Last-minute flights

If you’re up for the excitement of going anywhere, anytime, you’ll be sure to find some great deals. Think about travelling mid-week and you’ll often find that flights are cheaper (especially from Tuesdays to Thursdays – top tip!). What’s more, if you’re willing to get up at the crack of dawn or stay up late, you could save yourself some pennies by travelling outside of peak times.

Use a site like Skyscanner to do all of the hard work for you, by searching for last-minute flights across a whole host of providers all at once. You can search by location to find the cheapest dates or you can even search by dates and it’ll reward you with a choice of destinations.

Don’t live out the fantasy of turning up at the airport and jumping onto the next flight out for a super cheap last-minute price. These days, this idea is something of a myth as flights tend to get more expensive the closer to the date they get, and you may be left disappointed.

Last-minute accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, sites like Airbnb will be a good bet for finding last-minute availability. Consider staying in a hostel as they’ll often have plenty of spare rooms left for travellers that arrive on the day – try Hostelbookers to see which hostels are still available.

Avoid visa-stress

Wherever you’re heading, be aware of destinations that will require you to have a visa in advance or places where you’ll need certain travel immunisations. If you haven’t got enough time left to sort them out, you could find yourself caught out, so always check before you book anywhere.