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How to pack the perfect carry on bag

Because it’s so easy to do it all so wrong, we’ve collected some top tips to help you pack the perfect carry on.

Getting your trip off to the right start comes with being organised and having everything you need on hand – so the question is, how do you pack your carry on?

With restrictions on in-flight luggage, it can be tricky to pack the things you need while still leaving room for fun stuff too. We’ve gathered a guide to help you pack your perfect carry on.

Check carry on bag weight and size

Unless you want to risk paying a hefty extra fine, you'll need to check your airline's carry on baggage weight and size restrictions before you pack. It’s horrible to fork out cash for a couple of kilos over, or worse, being forced to check your bag in – so make sure you keep to the weight and size allowances!

Keep cash and ID safe

Always keep cash, travel money cards like the Travelex Money Card and identification in your carry on bag. If you pack these into a checked-in piece of luggage, you run the risk of losing it if bags are lost or sent on the wrong flight.

Some carry on essentials to pack with your cash, money and ID include:

  • Noise reducing headphones
  • Laptop, tablet or iPad
  • Something to read – magazines, newspapers or a good book
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitiser

Organise your carry-on bag

Organise your travel documents into one easy place in your carry on. Travel wallets are a great way to keep everything together when you travel and makes getting through border patrol a breeze. You can print out hotel bookings, and store cash in them too.

Stay warm & comfortable

Stay warm for the journey and pack a warm jumper and a big scarf which can be draped around chilly shoulders mid-flight.

Travelling for business?

For meetings scheduled the day you land, wear a suit on the plane but for those appointments the day after, pack your favourite business attire in your carry-on. It’ll save hassle and heartache if your luggage is lost.