Travelex's Airport Business Services

Travelex offers airport retailers and airlines a number of general banking and concessionaire services.

General Banking Services for Airport Users and Operators (passengers, concessionaires, airlines, staff)

Cash deposits electronically transferred to specified banking account

An Airport Operator chooses to deposit their cash takings with Travelex. Travelex would count the cash, issue a receipt and electronically transfer (EFT) the value to an agreed bank account.

Express banking satchels delivered to major banks

An Airport Operator has an express banking arrangement with one of the main banks. They deposit their express bank satchel with Travelex and Travelex delivers the satchel to the bank. 

Note and coin change services

Travelex offers Airport Operators a note and coin exchange service.

Company Cheques Encashment

Travelex offers Airport Operators a service to encash company cheques for cash.

Cash counting of daily takings

Travelex offers airport operators the service of counting, reporting and banking their daily takings that improves counting accuracy and improves till changeover times.

Till Floats Preparation for Multi-Till Operators (Duty Free and F&B)

Travelex offers multi-till Airport Operators a predetermined till float service that improves till changeover times.


Airlines Specific Services

Passenger Compensation Vouchers (Denied Boarding, Loss of Baggage, etc)

To avoid carrying and managing cash tills, airlines issue passengers with Value Vouchers that are exchanged with Travelex. Travelex invoices the airlines as per agreed conditions.

Emergency Cash Provision for Airlines

During emergencies airlines are required to provide passengers with emergency cash. Travelex offers airlines emergency cash provision arrangements.


Other Services

  • Purchasing foreign exchange from airport operators at wholesale rates and zero commission
  • Providing airport operators daily foreign exchange rates
  • Airport and airline staff discounts – Travelex offers airport staff commission-free foreign exchange transactions. 


For more information, please email Dominic Mesiti at BD&