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The Low Down on Indonesian Currency


Indonesian rupiah

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Bank of Indonesia

Currency symbol:

Rp (rupiah)

Bank notes:

Rp 2,000, Rp 5,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 20,000
Rp 50,000, Rp 100,000

By 1971, the rupiah (IDR) had become the official currency of all of Indonesia’s 34 different provinces. Sen are to rupiah what pence are to pounds. One rupiah equates to 100 sen, but since even one rupiah does not carry much value, you will find next to nothing is priced in terms of sen.

Bargaining is a very typical practice in Indonesia, so never be afraid to negotiate the price on the items you want to buy. Before midday, you might be able to pay a ‘morning price’ for your goods – up to a 30% discount!

Notes are used a lot more frequently than coins in Indonesia – even though 1,000 IDR equate to less than one British penny, you will still find small bills paid with cash made up of 1,000 IDR notes, rather than the coin for the same amount. Any notes that are dated 1998–1999 are no longer legal tender, although you can exchange these until 2018 for current currency.

What to spend your rupiah on:

  • *

    Entrance to the National Museum
    in Jakarta

    10,000 IDR *

  • *

    Refreshing soft drink in
    a restaurant

    6,800 IDR *

  • *

    Taxi from S-H International Airport
    to Jakarta city centre

    132,000 IDR *

  • *

    Guided trek around
    Mount Batur, Bali

    836,332 IDR *

  • *

    Scuba diving in Tulamben,

    1,093,665 IDR *

How many rupiah will I need?**

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Total spending money needed:

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  • *for people for
  • * nights


Must-sees in indonesia

  • Bali
  • A hub for tourists, you’ll get the most out of Bali by going off the beaten path. Hot springs in the middle of the jungle sound good? Visit the Banjar village.
  • Lombok
  • This island paradise is like a less commercialised Bali. If you go in February or March you’ll have the chance to witness the island’s mesmerising fishing festival.
  • Bandung
  • The city of Bandung is 150km from Jakarta and features incredible architecture, like St. Peter’s Cathedral, as well as the natural beauty of Cimahi Waterfall.

Exchanging Indonesian Rupiah is Easy

Order Indonesian Rupiahs online, lock in the rate and collect at your local store, at the airport before you fly or have it delivered at home

  • 1. Click the ‘Buy Rupiah Now’ button below
  • And tell us how much you need for your trip.

  • 2. Choose how to get it
  • Get your currency home-delivered or choose to collect at more than 3,600 pick up locations.

  • 3. Pay online
  • You can pay online using either BPAY, Visa or MasterCard®

Why cash?

  • Indonesia, and as a consequence Bali, remains a predominantly cash-based society. You may need to carry cash on you in order to not miss out on local experiences.
  • There are no hidden fees with cash, unlike paying or withdrawing with a bank card.
  • If you plan on visiting more rural Balinese islands, ATMs and card payment systems may not be as common.

Things to consider:

Whilst card payments are accepted in major hotels, stores, and restaurants, Bali is still a cash-based island. Having cash on hand in Bali is recommended in order to not miss out on local street food, markets, and other attractions. Other cash-only services include paying for motorbike parking, buying petrol, and tipping. What’s more, if you plan on visiting more rural areas, ATM availability, power outages, and limited card payment facilities make cash essential.

Why prepaid travel card?

  • Many upscale restaurants and hotels will accept travel cards as a form of payment.
  • Prepaid travel cards allow you to load multiple currencies. This is handy if you plan on visiting any other Southeast Asian countries on your travels.
  • Prepaid travel cards allow you to lock in an exchange rate at the time of purchase, meaning you save money long-term*.

Discover how you can explore Bali with ease with our 5* award-winning Travelex Money Card!

Things to consider:

  • There are still many experiences that are cash only in Bali. This includes sampling street food, buying small gifts, and more.
  • If you plan on travelling to more remote islands, cards may not be accepted, and ATMs harder to find.
  • There will be fees associated with withdrawing cash and paying on card in Bali4.

Cards are accepted as a form of payment across Bali. This, coupled with the prevalence of ATMs, makes travel cards an easy travel money option. What’s more, you can load multiple currencies onto your cards if you are planning on country-hopping around Asia. However, be aware of hidden costs when paying on foreign cards, and missing out on cash-only Balinese experiences.

Why debit or credit card?

  • More and more places are beginning to accept cards in Bali. This includes in restaurants, cafes, shops, and spas. Visa and Mastercard are the most popular.
  • Credit cards are a great way to provide a backup pool of funds in case of any emergencies.
  • You may need a bank card to pre-book experiences such as hotels and tours.

Things to consider:

  • As Bali is a cash-based destination, there will be times when credit and debit cards are not accepted as forms of payment.
  • There will be fees associated with paying for items using a foreign credit card. These can range from 3%-5% surcharge on card transactions.

Bank card acceptance is widespread in Bali. They are accepted in most hotels, stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Keep in mind that there may be hidden costs when paying with a foreign card in Indonesia. If you plan on travelling to more remote islands or villages, it is always best to bring some cash along with you.

Why use Travelex ATMs in Australia:

  • FX ATMs make getting foreign cash before leaving Australia easy, as they have no forms to fill in, and are self-serve.
  • FX ATMs operate on a 24 hour basis, so you can withdraw cash no matter what time your flight is!
  • Visit our foreign currency ATM page to find out what machines dispense Indonesian Rupiah.

Things to consider:

  • Not all FX ATMs will dispense Rupiah.
  • If your cash gets lost or stolen while you are on holiday, you may have trouble getting it covered by your insurance.

Foreign Currency ATMS are an efficient way of exchanging AUD before you fly. Found in many airports across Australia, Travelex FX ATMs are self-serve, and require no paperwork. However, not every FX ATM will dispense Indonesian Rupiah so make sure you research before you settle on this option.

Why withdraw cash in Bali?

  • ATMS are very common around Bali, so you won’t have trouble finding one to withdraw from.
  • Withdrawing cash as you need it can be a convenient way of ensuring you have cash on you if you run out.

Things to consider:

  • If you plan on travelling to rural areas, or other more remote islands near Bali, you may not be able to find ATMS. So it is recommended that you stock up on cash beforehand!
  • There have been a few reported cases of pad skimming in Bali. Take care when entering your pin into a machine4.
  • Fees for withdrawing money with a foreign card in Bali sometimes cost upwards of $5 per transaction5.

ATMs are extremely common in Bali’s main towns, so finding one to withdraw cash from will never be an issue. As always, there will be fees charged to your account if you are withdrawing using a foreign card, and limits to the amount of cash you can withdraw7. Keep in mind that it may be harder to find ATMs in more rural towns and islands, so make sure you plan ahead and take some cash with you.

Travelex Tip:

If you do withdraw cash in Bali, opt for ATMs associated with major banks rather than those found outside convenience stores. These are usually privately owned and may come with higher fees5.

Travelling to Indonesia in the Future?

Travelling to Indonesia in the Future?

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Prefer to Buy in Store?

Prefer to Buy in Store?

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Solo Travel Guide

Solo Travel Guide

Heading to Indonesia on a solo travel adventure? Read our guide on how to make the most of travelling sans companions.


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