Google PayTM

Pay with the Travelex Money Card using your Android device

How to Add Travelex Money Card to your Google WalletTM

If you already use Google Pay, or want to try it, it’s a very simple process to add the Travelex Money Card to your Google Wallet. Learn about Google Wallet and the devices supported.

Travelex Money Card in Google Wallet with GPay

  1. Download Google Wallet
    Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play.
  2. Add your card via the Travelex Money App
    Open the Travelex Money App. It will prompt you to add your card to your Google Wallet through a link within the app home screen.
    Follow the on-screen instructions, they will guide you through the rest of the process.
    If you’re unable to add via our Travelex Money App, follow Google’s instructions to manually add to your Google Wallet here.
  3. Pay on your Android Device with Google Pay
    You’re ready to make contactless payments using your Android device – be sure that your phone is awake when you pay at the terminal.

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Benefits of Google Pay and Google Wallet

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Google Pay is a convenient way to pay using your Android device instead of a physical card and makes payments quicker at checkout.

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Google Pay doesn’t reveal your real card numbers when you make payments, so your card information remains confidential.

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It only takes a few minutes to get started and all you’ll need is an Android device with Google Wallet and a Travelex Money Card.

Travelex Money Card on Google Wallet and Google Pay
Travelex Money Card on Google Wallet and Google Pay

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Security with Google Pay

Your real Travelex Money Card number is not saved on your device or shared with vendors when transacting with Google Pay. Only your Virtual Account Number from Google Wallet can be seen by vendors. This protects your confidential card information and doesn’t allow it to be displayed to anyone but you.

Google Pay FAQ

There are no additional charges whatsoever when using your Travelex Money Card through Google Pay. It’s simply a way of using your phone to pay in place of your physical card, so only the standard Travelex Money Card fees and charges apply. See more here for a breakdown of associated charges.

Yes, absolutely. It’s always advisable to carry your Travelex Money Card with you, even if you use your Google Wallet most of the time. Contactless or mobile payments may not be accepted everywhere, having your card with you means you’ll always be able to spend with confidence wherever Mastercard pre-paid cards are accepted.

  • Not quite yet. Using your Travelex Money Card to pay for things from your Google Wallet is now live, but you are currently unable to add currency to it through Google Pay.
  • The Travelex Money App still offers the fastest way to add funds to your Travelex Money Card, where we accept all major credit and debit cards. After registering your card and logging in, use the ‘top up’ button and follow the simple steps to add funds.
  • We are working hard on adding this enhancement as we know how helpful it will be, we expect to have this live shortly.

You can pay in any currency preloaded on your Travelex Money Card. Google Pay will automatically select the correct currency when currency type/funds are available. The process is identical to the physical card. If the correct currency funds are not available, then payment will be taken in priority order from your Travel Money Card to fund the spend. Additional charges may be incurred if this happens, see full details on fees and limits.

Just log into your Google account and use the ‘Find My Phone’ process to lock your phone and, if you choose, you can also delete your data at this point. This will stop the phone from being able to use Google Pay.

If you’re concerned about your Travelex Money Card, please log into your Travelex Money Card My Account area, where you can suspend your card quickly and easily. You have 3 options:

  1. Log in and tap ‘card settings’.
  2. Click on the button named ‘suspend card’, you’ll need to confirm this by hitting a second button also named ‘suspend card’.
  3. After a few seconds you should see ‘Card Status: SUSPENDED’ When you see this, your card has been temporarily frozen. It will stay that way until you unsuspend it, following the same instructions.
  4. For additional help - Contact the Card Services team for assistance on 1800 303 297.

It’s simple!

  1. Register your TMC and log into the Travelex Money App
  2. In the App, you will receive a prompt to add the TMC into your Google Wallet using a link on the App home screen
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to be guided through the process
  4. If you have trouble using this method, you can also follow the Google instructions here.

For additional help - Contact the Card Services team for assistance on 1800 303 297.

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