Foreign Currency ATM Business Services

Travelex can provide your business with a customer service advantage with the placement of a Travelex Foreign Currency ATM within your premises.

Foreign Currency ATMs are designed specifically for travellers. We service the foreign currency cash needs of overseas departing travellers by providing quick and easy access to foreign cash from a Travelex ATM.

The Travelex Foreign Currency ATM stands out in the marketplace with excellent functionality and service capability.

The key features of the Foreign Currency ATM include:

  • Foreign currency dispensing of four different currencies (from a single ATM)
  • Australian Dollar dispensing (available if required)
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion for international cardholders needing local currency
  • Dip card reader so no card will ever be retained should a problem occur during the transaction
  • Mobile telecommunications instead of the traditional fixed lines which allows for the ATM to be easily installed or relocated if necessary
  • Fully maintained and cash serviced machines.


The Foreign Currency ATM operates in the same way as a traditional bank ATM and the customer can choose to transact as follows:

  1. Local dollar withdrawal and account balance inquiry
  2. Onscreen currency conversion for international cardholders withdrawing Australian Dollars


Foreign currency withdrawal options include; New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht and Malaysian Ringgit.

If you wish to contact the Travelex ATM team, please email the ATM team at or  alternatively, please call 1800 440 039 to talk to a Travelex ATM team member.

To find your nearest Travelex ATM, view our list of foreign currency ATMs around Australia.

List of ATMs in Australia