Travelex Money Card Google Pay Terms and Conditions

Effective 13 May 2024

  1. About these Terms and Conditions

These Travelex Money Card Google PayTM Terms and Conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) together with the Travelex Money Card Product Disclosure Statement and Terms & Conditions (‘PDS’) , govern the use of your Travelex Money Card with Google Pay. Where any term in these Terms and Conditions is inconsistent with the PDS, the PDS applies.

You agree to these Terms and Conditions by adding an Travelex Money Card to Google Pay on your supported device.  For information on supported devices please visit  

  1. Using and managing Google Pay

You can add an eligible Travelex Money Card to Google Pay on supported devices. An eligible Travelex Money Card can be unlinked from Google Pay by following the instructions on the Google Pay app. You can also ask us to suspend or close your card from Google Pay by calling us on 1800 303 297.

As part of the process we will either send you a text message (to the mobile phone number you have registered with us) with a verification code or have you verify your identity via our Contact Centre. You should ensure that we have your correct mobile number in order to receive the verification code via text message. 

Once you have added your card to Google Pay and been verified, you may authorise and process transactions by using the relevant supported device in place of your eligible Travelex Money Card at a contactless payment terminal. Each transaction is not to exceed the daily limits of the card as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement.

In some cases, you may temporarily exceed this limit, for example where systems are unavailable. You may be required to enter your card PIN into the merchant's terminal or enter your security credentials on supported devices to complete a transaction.

You may be required to manually enter your PIN for transactions over $100.

  1. Liability

Google Pay is a service provided by Google Pay, not by us. We and Travelex Limited are not responsible for any loss you suffer in relation to: 

  • your fraud;
  • your use of Google Pay or the supported device in a manner not permitted by Google Pay (for example, by obtaining root access of the operating system allowing customisation to your supported device);
  • a reduced level of service caused by matters beyond our reasonable control (for example, those caused by third party software and network providers);
  • any error, defect or unavailability of Google Pay; or
  • any failure or refusal of merchants to process transactions using Google Pay,

except to the extent that the liability is caused by our fraud, negligence or wilful misconduct (including that of our officers, employees, contractors or agents).

Please call us promptly on 1800 303 297 if:

  • your supported device is lost or stolen;
  • your supported device's mobile service is suddenly disconnected without your permission (which may indicate you have been subject to mobile phone porting); or
  • you suspect a security breach in relation to your supported device or Google Pay or that an unauthorised person has used your passcode, PIN or your other credentials to access Google Pay.

Based on your report, we will suspend use of your eligible Travelex Money Card with Google Pay. This helps protect you as much as possible from additional loss or liability.

Your liability for unauthorised transactions will be determined in accordance with the PDS. More terms which affect your liability in relation to transactions are set out in the PDS.

Google Pay may change from time to time and we have no control over decisions to change Google Pay or any of Google’s services or products (including Google’s terms or use or privacy policies). In order to use Google Pay, you must agree to Google Pay's terms of use and privacy policy (

  1. Security requirements for Google Pay

You must take steps to secure your supported device on which your eligible Travelex Money Card has been registered. You are responsible for ensuring that:

  • any password of your supported device is kept secret and secure, not easily guessed or deciphered (e.g. your date of birth), and not shared with another person (and if known by another person, the passcode must be changed);
  • your biometric identifier (e.g. fingerprint) is the only biometric identifier registered on your supported device (and any other person's biometric identifier registered on your device must be removed);
  • your supported device is not left unattended, is locked when not in use, and up-to-date antivirus software is installed on it; and
  • any eligible Travelex Money Card is unlinked/removed from your supported device before disposing of it.

If you fail to comply with any of the requirements in this clause, you are taken to have authorised others to make transactions using Google Pay and you are responsible for their use of your eligible Travelex Money Card.

WARNING: this could result in significant loss or liability in relation to such transactions.

  1. What to do if there is a problem 

You should check your transaction history regularly to make sure there are no errors or unauthorised transactions.

You must tell us as soon as you reasonably can if:

  • your eligible Travelex Money Card or device has been lost or stolen; or
  • you suspect someone else has used your account without your permission or may have access to your supported device or know your security credentials or eligible Travelex Money Card PIN.

You should promptly unlink your eligible Travelex Money Card from Google Pay if your supported device is stolen or lost. Instructions to unlink your card are available on the Google Pay App. 

  1. Fees and charges 

The PDS describes the fees and charges which apply to your Travelex Money Card.

We do not impose any additional fees and charges for registering and using your eligible Travelex Money Card with Google Pay.

However, you will need to pay any third party fees and charges associated with downloading, registering and using the Google Pay on a supported device.

  1. Rights we have 

We may suspend or terminate use of your eligible Travelex Money Card with Google Pay with at least 14 days' notice to you. However, we may suspend or terminate your use of your eligible Travelex Money Card with Google Pay immediately and without notice: 

  • if you ask us to suspend or close your eligible Travelex Money Card account that the card is linked to;
  • if your eligible Travelex Money Card is cancelled, blocked or suspended in accordance with the PDS;
  • if you breach the Travelex Money Card PDS or these Terms and Conditions and we reasonably consider that this is likely to have a material impact on your ability to meet the obligations of the PDS or these Terms and Conditions;
  • if we suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred or the card has been or is likely to be misused;
  • if required by applicable laws (such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws, or sanctions laws);
  • if directed to do so by Google Pay (for example, in circumstances of suspected fraud); or
  • if we are required by a regulatory or government body.
  1. Privacy 

We may collect information relating to your supported device (including app version, device type and model, operating system and security information such as whether you have obtained root access):

  • to ensure that your eligible Travelex Money Card properly functions in Google Pay;
  • for security purposes and to identify fraud;
  • so that we may better provide assistance to you; and
  • to tell you about other products or services that may be of interest to you.

We may also exchange information with Google Pay and service providers:

  • to enable the use of your eligible Travelex Money Card with Google Pay and to improve Google Pay generally; and
  • about persons involved in suspected security breaches or fraud.

By adding your eligible Travelex Money Card to Google Pay on your supported device, you consent to our collection and disclosure of this information as described in this clause 8.

If you do not want to receive marketing information or have any complaint, please call us on 1800 303 297.

The PDS and our Privacy Statement ( contain more general information about our collection and handling of your information.

Once your eligible Travelex Money Card is registered to your supported device, Google Pay may access your personal information regarding the use of your eligible Travelex Money Card through Google Pay. Please see Google Pay’s privacy policy at 

  1. Changes to terms

We can make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. We will notify you of any material changes by electronic notice to you via your device or Google Pay in accordance with the product terms. Due to the nature of Google Pay you agree to us communicating with you electronically in relation to your use of Google Pay and these conditions.

We may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes to continue using your eligible Travelex Money Card in Google Pay.

  1. Communication

Without limiting any other means of communicating with you under the relevant product terms, we may communicate with you by sending an SMS to your supported device, an email to the email address you have provided to us or by writing to you at the address you have provided to us. The SMS or notice may include a link to detailed information on our website.

  1. Severability and governing law

If any provision or part of a provision of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions (or parts of provisions) will continue in full force and effect.

These terms are governed by the law of New South Wales, Australia and both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

  1. Meaning of words




A person that holds the Travelex Money Card.

Eligible Travelex Money Card

Means the Travelex Money Card that can be used for Google Pay on a supported device that has been issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited to you.  You will be notified if your card is eligible when you attempt to register it with Google Pay.

Google Pay

Means the mobile application provides by Google Pay for use on your supported device.


Means any password or code either we or a third party gives a user, or that user creates, that must be used before we, or a third-party, process a transaction.  This includes PINs, internet, phone or mobile banking passwords, and codes generated by security token.

Supported device

Is any equipment or device used to access your account, including a mobile phone or wearable device e.g., smartwatch, that is not given to you by us.

Terms and Conditions

Means these terms and conditions

we, us, our

Means EML Payment Solutions Limited ABN 30 131 436 532 AFSL 404131, issuer of the Travelex Money Card.

you or your

Means the person who holds the card that is used for Google Pay.