The Low Down on Canadian Currency


Canadian Dollar

Currency code:


Central Bank:

Bank of Canada

Currency symbol:

$, Can$, C$ (dollar)

Currency sub unit:

¢ (cent)


buck, loonie (English), huard, piastre (French)

Bank notes:

$1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500


1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2

The Montreal Bank issued the first notes in 1821 and 20 years later the first Canadian Pounds were issues. However, by 1858, the Canadian Dollar was issued to more closely align with the US Dollar.

The first banknotes issued by the Bank of Canada came along in 1934. In 2011 Canada began to produce a more durable polymer note similar to those used in Australia.

The most commonly used denominations are: 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100.

What to spend your Canadian dollars on:

  • *

    Entry to Toronto Skypod

    29 CAD *

  • *

    3-mile taxi ride

    8.75 CAD *

  • *

    Tourist t-shirt

    10 CAD *

  • *

    Postcard and a stamp

    3 CAD *

  • *

    Bottle of water

    1.50 CAD *

How many Canadian dollars will I need?**

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Total spending money needed:

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  • * nights


Must-sees in Canada

  • Whistler
  • Whistler is quite possibly the most famous ski resort in all of North America, know for it's epic slopes and views, this is a must-do for anyone who loves skiing.
  • Vancouver Island
  • This remote island is accessible by ferry and features quaint towns as well famous surf spots. You can also use the island as a jumping off point to reach Alaska.
  • Quebec City
  • Get your French on in the capital of Quebec where you'll feel more like you're in a quaint European city rather than a major North American city.

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Friendly service

Friendly service, Prompt exchange pick up, exchange rate could be a little better

David Geoffrey Calcott

Ease of Use Great!

Staff helpful in-store, App is easy to use and handy on the go.


always reliable for me.

always reliable for me.


Easy to order and to pick up.

Easy to order and to pick up.


great service once again

great service once again. So easy to use website to order and delivery to shop front for pickup.

Rodney James Stevens

Very easy to organise

Very easy to organise, lovely friendly customer service

Nicola Anderson

Service was prompt

Service was prompt, timeframe exactly as promised, currency was in various denominations. The one thing not mentioned was whether surplus currency would be purchased back.


It is a good way to organise travel…

It is a good way to organise travel funds. Collecting the funds from the post office is also good. Overall the system works well.

Charles Michael Nelson

First time to use prepaid card for travel

First time to use prepaid card for overseas travel, it was seamless and worked very well. Ordering online was also convenient (although the server/website was down for a day or so just when I tried ordering so had to keep going back and trying again). I would use the card again, however I find the phone application a little odd in its user interface and usability.

John Pollard

I have subtracted 1 star because of…

I have subtracted 1 star because of intrusive way of obtaining feedback.


very quick and efficient

very quick and efficient

Robyn Ruth Calleja

Easy process

The whole process was very easy - my only minor “criticism” is that, once I placed my order, I received a confirmation stating my order would be ready ON or AFTER my requested date (which was my departure date from the airport where I was picking it up) It certainly would have been no use to me AFTER so I was slightly concerned but forty I received notification that it was ready. Also when we got to the airport there are now 3 Travelex outlets so I wasn’t 100% sure which one to go to - one was unmanned and there was a large queue at one so I went to the other (which is where I have collected on previous occasions) and it happened to be the right one.


Great service

Great service

Trudy Naylor

Grafton review.

All as described. Good to deal with.

Paul Farrell

Use Travelex every time we travel

Use Travelex every time we travel - great service wspecially living in a regional area and the ability to collect from Post Office

Julie Lynette Beck

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