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About currency conversion and exchange rates

How do you convert currencies?

You can convert one currency into another using an exchange rate. For example, a money exchange rate of two Australian dollars to one British pound means that you could convert two Australian dollars into one British pound – or one pound into two Australian dollars. Pretty simple! In reality, you’ll get a slightly different exchange rate depending on whether you’re buying or selling a currency. To get to grips with the different kinds of exchange rate you might hear about, see our Currency Jargon section.

Why do different companies convert currencies at different rates?

A company providing foreign currency needs to cover all of the costs that come from supplying people with currency. The cost of supplying foreign currency online is usually less compared to a physical retail store, so you’ll usually get a better rate online.
If you leave exchanging money to the last minute before you depart, you’ll probably end up paying a little bit more, due to the costs involved in providing you this service, so it makes sense to plan ahead.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Why do currency conversion rates change?

    Currencies constantly move up and down against each other because they’re traded on financial markets. Market changes can be caused by supply and demand, as well as by political and economic events.

  • Is there a good time to convert currency?

    You can’t predict when exchange rates will go up or down, but our currency converter above will show you historical rates, to give you an idea of how the current conversion rate compares to the past few months or year. 

  • How do I convert my money?

    You can convert your dollars into over 45 currencies with Travelex, either online or at 120 stores across Australia. Got another question? Check out the rest of our FAQs.

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All good but I had a look at your website and noted the exchange rate then went to the nearest outlet to change money only to find that the web rate is better than shop rate. So I went back to my home and ordered it online. It would have saved me a bit of hassle for people that go to your website and shop rate are different.

Haig Jason

Easy to order and collect.

Easy to order and collect.

Margaret Stott

Easy and prompt

Easy and prompt. No hidden additional costs. Local pickup appreciated .

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Great Service

Great Service


Great rates, easy hassle free 👍🏻👍🏻

Good rate, easy website no problems ordering or collecting just the way I like it hassle free, thanks


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Easy to navigate website. Convenient collection points. Great Service


Great fast service and cheap rates

Great fast service and cheap rates

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Quick and easy way to get foreign …

Quick and easy way to get foreign currency.

Burnback Welding

Money was available as ordered

Money was available as ordered - painless experience.

KAP - Adelaide

Convenient and easy to order.

Convenient and easy to order and a choice of collection points

V. Hutson

Good rate,prompt delivery,easy …

Good rate,prompt delivery,easy transaction.

Narelle Keane

Easy to use

Easy to use, best local rates

Lyndell Maree Croft

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talked me through step by step and patient


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love that I can get more money for my dollar but just wish it would arrive a bit quicker thanks

Kerri Harrison

Ordered money on line - excellent product and service as usual

Ordered money on line, delivered to location close by when advised, efficient collection. Exchange rate better than others I tried. Have used 3 times before and never let me down. Would thoroughly recommend them.


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