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What to spend your euros on

  • Entry to Eiffel Tower

    15.5 Euros

  • 3-mile taxi ride

    15 Euros

  • Tourist t-shirt

    10 Euros

  • Postcard and a stamp

    1.5 Euros

  • French beret (but don't)

    20 Euros

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Must-sees in Europe

  • Berlin
  • This capital city is rich in culture and history and your visit this amazing city that features great architecture, art and museums and is still one of the cheapest capitals in Europe.
  • Prague
  • Prague, or as it's more fondly know “the City of a Hundred Spires" is one of the quintessential cities in Europe featuring beautiful cathedrals and classic cobblestone streets. It's also the home of Pilsner Urquell so be sure to pick up a pint.

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A deep dive on Euros

The Euro is commonly represented by its currency code (EUR) and in its symbol form (€). You will need to have Euros on hand if you are traveling to one of the many countries in Europe which use the Euro as legal tender.

In total, there are 19 EU member countries who have adopted the Euro as their official currency.

More info about Euros

The most commonly used notes in Euros are the €5, €10, €20, €50, and €100 bills. There are also €200 and €500 notes but these are not as often because of their high value.

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Just an excellent experience

Just an excellent experience. No fuss, no bother, everything went according to plan. Thank you

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Easy ordering on line and no trouble with collection at AusPost.

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Ordered foreign currency online the process was easy and I collected my currency from Australia Post the next week. Simple, easy and would recommend to others.


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Quick efficient and good value.

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A very good and well run operation

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Quick and easy will do it again.


trouble free transaction

trouble free transaction

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Very easy and a good price


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